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Horizon Press Furnace

Horizon Press Furnace
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  • Model: Horizon Press Furnace
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All horizon models are designed with a unique temperature control muffle that is highly accurate and guarantees quality firing every time.

Shenpaz non-aggressive pressing technology is designed to obtain higher density and soften one-blow impact—especially successful when pressing zirconia and metal.

Quality Restorations

  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY & CONTROL with firing temp. to 1180ºC (2156ºF) and accuracy of ± 1ºC
  • FULLY ADAPTABLE PROGRAMMING handles all ceramics and pressable materials on the market today
  • NON-AGGRESSIVE PNEUMATIC PRESSING SYSTEM prevents cracking and achieves greater density

Time Saving

FULL CUSTOMIZATION of cooling rate and hold time; pre-programmed tempering process adjusts for cooling rates of zirconia, metal and porcelain materials

Energy Efficient


  • Firing chamber lined with superior insulation
  • Chamber entrance tightly sealed to hold temp. ready for next cycle
  • Single phase electrical supply for low wattage consumption.

Additional Features

  • Intuitive full color digital display
  • 200 firing and 50 pressing programs
  • USB port for fast transfer of program data
  • Acoustic signals that alert to furnace status
  • Special e-base cylinder base adapted to IPS e-max® products
  • Horizon standard firing furnace available with 200 programs


Dimensions: 30x28x63cm (12”x11”x25”) (WxHxD)

Weight: 20 KG (44 lb)

Display screen: 5.7”

Firing chamber: Ø 95mm x 65mm/h (Ø 3.7”x2.6”mm/h)

Firing table: Ø 90mm (Ø 3.5“)

Temperature range: from 100°C to 1180°C (212°F to 2156°F)

Heat rate: 10-120°C (50-248° F)/min 

Horizon Press

Pressing: 4.2 bars

Pressure: 4.2 Bar Weight: 25.5 KG (56 lb)

Material: Durable Kanthal* spiral material

Product NameHorizon Press Furnace
Made inIsrael
UseBaking of Dental Crowns
CategoryPressable Furnaces
Packaging1 Unit
Warranty / Guarantee5 Years
Shipping Time7-8 Working Days
Payment ModeCredit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Cash on Delivery

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