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Gingitech Refill
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Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: Gingitech Refill
Description:A precision duplicating material that is flexible, compatible to most model materials, simple 1:1 mixing ratio and resistant to high heat.Packaging: 2 X 50ml..
र 4,830
Ex Tax:र 4,313
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: IPS e.max Alox Plunger
Description:The IPS e.max Alox Plunger features ends that are both rounded which makes both sides suitable for pressing...
र 9,164
Ex Tax:र 8,182
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: IPS e.max Alox Plunger Separator 200mg
Description:For processing the IPS e.max Press, IPS e.max ZirPress and IPS InLine PoM blanks.For processing the IPS Empress Esthetic blanks.200 mg..
र 2,940
Ex Tax:र 2,625
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: IPS e.max Ceram Build-Up Liquid Allround
Description:Build-Up LiquidAvailable in two packaging: 1 - 60 ml.2- 250 ml...
र 2,160
Ex Tax:र 1,929
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: IPS Investment Ring System
Description:The IPS e.max Investment Ring System is used to sprue the contoured restorations. The base has been enlarged so that the IPS Silicone Ring optimally fits onto the base.Available in two Packaging : 100gm and 200gm..
र 3,811
Ex Tax:र 3,403
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: IPS PressVest Premium Powder
Description:IPS PressVest is a phosphate-bonded universal investment material for use with both the rapid and conventional heating method.Packaging : 5 kg..
र 21,831
Ex Tax:र 19,492
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