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Brand: BK Medent Model: Ceramic Base
This is the replacement ceramic base for the BK-Medent EZ-Master, EZ-Master M, EZ-Single and EZ-Single M Auto-Mixing Palettes. The EZ-Master and EZ-Master M have 3 separate ceramic bases per palette, while the EZ-Single and EZ-Single M has 1 ceramic base per palette.The Porous Ceramic Base only need..
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Ex Tax:र 3,996
Brand: BK Medent Model: Ceramic Firing Tray A Type
Feature:Longer use.Not easily broken due to high mechanical strength.Contents:B-810A2 Honeycomb trays15 Metal pinsB-810B2 Honeycomb trays10 Metal pins5 Ceramic Pins (2 Large pins & 3 Small pins)..
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Ex Tax:र 1,781
EZ-Master - Auto Mixing Plate
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Brand: BK Medent Model: EZ-Master - Auto Mixing Plate
Features:Container, Lid, Special Filter, (6 Sheets)B-AP (Absorption Paper : 30 Sheets)B-CB (Porous Ceramic Base : 3 Pcs)Working Paper, InstructionsRefillSpecial Filter (B-SF)Absorption Paper (B-AP)Porous Ceramic Base (B-CB)..
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Brand: BK Medent Model: EZ-Single - Auto Mixing Plate
Features:Container, Lid Special Filter (2 Sheets)(Absorption Paper : 10 Sheets)(Porous Ceramic Base : 1 Pc)Working Paper, InstructionsRefillSpecial Filter (B-SF)Absorption Paper (B-AP)Porous Ceramic Base (B-CB)..
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Honeycomb Firing Trays Pack of 2
Top Brand
Brand: Chinese Model: Honeycomb Firing Trays Pack of 2
Chinese firing trays with porcelain pinsPackaging: Pack of 2..
र 1,000
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Brand: Shenpaz Model: Honeycomb Thermal Tray
Description:The ShenPaz Thermo honeycomb tray is made of lightweight, dark metal alloy with superb thermo-conductive properties that ensure that the cervical and incisal areas are evenly fired.Packaging: 1 Pc..
र 12,000
Ex Tax:र 10,714
Brand: BK Medent Model: Stain Palette
Features:Properly designed as a semicircle for your porcelain work and prevents evaporation and contamination with its lid.Can be used with both intra stain or extra stain...
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Ex Tax:र 1,295
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