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Brand: DFS Model: Casting Pears Red 8mm 840008
Available Color - RedContent: 150 Pcs..
र 3,195
Ex Tax:र 2,708
Brand: DFS Model: Cleaning Stone
Packaging: 1 Pc..
र 670
Ex Tax:र 598
Brand: Zahnsply Model: Clear Fit - Die Spacer
Properties & AdvantagesIt produces a homogenous coating of 5 ml in single application on the die for crown and bridge restoration thereby assuring accurate seating of restorations.The film does not disassociate from the die while building wax pattern due to heating.It is rapid setting and thereb..
र 650
Ex Tax:र 580
Brand: Zahnsply Model: Debubblizer
Description:Debubblizer is fast drying surface tension reducer and cleanser, it can be used on wax before pouring of the investment and also on all types of impression materials before casting models. This is available in pleasant blue liquid in a spray bottle. It is a Spray to be used before pourin..
र 900
Ex Tax:र 804
Brand: DFS Model: Debubblizer 500 ml. 25030
DFS Silikon debubblizer - Silicone and wax wetting agent - Application:Shake well before use!Close bottle tightly after use!Apply by means of the pump spray bottle.Spray silicone moulds sparingly and evenly before pouring with plaster, as well as wax objects and wax patterns before investing. K..
र 1,680
Ex Tax:र 1,424
Brand: DFS Model: DFS Mini Rest Attachment 410873
3 punches (shank: ø 2,2 mm)3 matrices • Dimensions: 6,6/1,7 - 1,9 mm (l/w)..
र 1,900
Ex Tax:र 1,696
Brand: DFS Model: Durolan Die Spacer
Available Color - Blue (25001), Red (25002), Silver (25003), Gold (25005), Clear (25004)(Select from Options)Packaging: 25 ml. Alias : Dental die spacer...
र 860
Ex Tax:र 729
Brand: DFS Model: Durolan Thinner 25 ml.
Description:Thinner for die spacerPackaging: 25 ml.Alias : Thinner for spacer...
र 615
Ex Tax:र 521
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: IPS Ceramic Separator With Brush
Description:This Separating Liquid is used on areas that have been sealed with either the Model Sealer or the Margin Sealer Liquid. Use of this liquid will ensure a clean separation between the ceramic material and the stone model and/or die.Packaging: 15ml..
र 2,500
Ex Tax:र 2,232
Brand: DFS Model: ISOFIX - Separator
Description:Insulates plaster against wax and plaster against plaster• Forms a microfilm of 3-5µ• Apply thin layer once with brush• Crowns and bridges made of wax can be lifted off easily without tension• No stains on the inner part of the crown• Solvent-free and water solubleAvailable Packaging:&nb..
र 610
Ex Tax:र 517
Brand: DFS Model: Kera-Sep Spray 75 ml.
Spray Seprator. It isolates the porcelain from the plaster model.Benefits:Eliminates the possibility of cross-contaminationIt burns out without residueIt does not leave stains in the tangential areasApplication:Spray the model from a distance of 5 - 8 cm and spray a second time after 1 minute.s..
र 970
Ex Tax:र 822
Brand: Zahnsply Model: PROSEP Ceramic Separator 30 ml.
Description:Ceramic/Porcelain IsolateInsulates plaster against ceramic. Create a microfilm 3-5 microns. Apply thinly once and let dry 30 seconds. Crowns and Bridges made of ceramic can be lifted off easily without tension. Remove excess liquid by air pistol.Keep bottle tightly sealed after use.PROSE..
र 575
Ex Tax:र 487
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