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X-Ray Material

Brand: Kodak Carestream Model: Dental Occlusal Film
Occlusal Film Kodak  Packet of 25 Sheets Available Size 4 (57xx76mm)..
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Brand: Kodak Carestream Model: Dental RVG 5200
Balancing the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity, the new RVG 5200 sensor delivers powerful and reliable images at an affordable price point. And, thanks to its variety of imaging enhancements that empower accurate diagnoses, this intuitive sensor is the ideal solution for your basic int..
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Brand: ORO Model: Dental X-Ray Film Holder
Angled with both ends working to take both anterior & posterior films. Help taking perfect & accurate pictures. Help finishing the technique photograph or correcting the angular besector.X-ray film holders with an aiming ring that allows the X-ray cone to align with the appropriate tooth str..
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Characteristic:-This dental radiographic film is a double-emulsion high speed non-screen X-ray film (ISO Class E) with a high contrast and fine grain that provides high image quality with outstanding detail definition. The film is intended for direct-exposure routine intraoral radiographs.The used a..
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Brand: Kodak Carestream Model: Kodak X Ray Film
Contains : Pack of 150 films Carestream Dental Intraoral E-Speed Film delivers high-quality images in as little as half the exposure time required for traditional E-speed intraoral films. Thanks to patented T-GRAIN emulsion technology, images are clear and sharp with no loss of detail.Affordabl..
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Brand: INDIAN Model: Lead Apron
Lead Aprons For Radiation ProtectionX-rays provide detailed images of muscles, bones, tissues, and other bodily masses, making it possible to detect fractures, tumors, and other conditions in need of treatment. Although their benefits far outweigh their risks, prolonged exposure to x-rays has been l..
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Brand: Kodak Carestream Model: Pedo X Ray Film
Packet of 25 Sheets Available Size 4 (57xx76mm)Minimize exposure, Maximize results. The standard for intraoral film, With Kodak InSight dental film, you will get a true F-speed film that requires up to 60% less radiation for exposure.Delivers excellent and consistent image quality through exclusive ..
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Brand: Zahnsply Model: Powder Developer
Bluedent Powder Developer for Developing X-Ray..
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Brand: Zahnsply Model: Powder Fixer
Bluedent Powder Fixer for Fixing X-Ray IOPA Films..
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Brand: Zahnsply Model: RVG Sensor Positioner
Digital X Ray Film Sensor RVG Sensor Positioner Holder It is used to line the IP board (digital sensors), can be adjusted according to the IP board size.Reduces Patient's Oral Discomfort and Allows for Better Accuracy and Ease of X-ray Taking Procedure.SPECIFICATIONS :-Excellent Sensor Protecti..
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Brand: ORO Model: RVG Sensor Sleeves
Clear Barrier sleeve protect your equipment and your patients from cross contamination, custom-fit sensor sleeve - regardless of sensor size. Sleeves works with sensors of any size, shape, and thickness. Patients will have comfort because there’s less loose plastic to gag on.SpecificationSize: ..
र 550
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Brand: Green Guava Model: Sensor Sleeves
Green Guava Sensor Sleeves helps to protects sensor from contamination and also prevents cross infection.Key Specifications:Fits almost all size sensorNo loss of clarityPrevents cross infectionPackaging: 500 Pcs per Pack..
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