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Brand: DETAX Model: DETASEAL Tray Adhesive Rapid
For adhesion of addition curing impression materials to plastic, metal and individual trays, fast drying (approx. 1-2 min.).Colour: orange-transparentPackaging: 15ml..
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Esthetic Mask Automix
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Brand: DETAX Model: Esthetic Mask Automix
Flexible, A-silicone-based, to produce dental technological master and saw models, cold-curing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant and very elastic. Easy and comfortable to process. For a natural, aesthetic gingival aspect, problem-free function.Physical data:processing time approx. 2 min; setting..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Gingivamoll - Silicon Based Epithetic Material
Silicone based epithetic material, heat-curing, for the fabrication of flexible gingival epithesis as a temporary replacement for the receded gingiva – after periodontal treatment.For the correction of aesthetic and phonetic insufficiencies and after implantations, clinically tested...
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Brand: DETAX Model: Implant Mask - Special Silicon
Addition curing special silicone for manufacturing flexible gingival masks for implant procedures. Free-flowing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant. Flows evenly around impression coping with free-flowing properties. Very high elasticity allows repositioning as required. Very easily milled with hi..
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ITOPOL for cobalt-chromium alloys and Ni Cr alloys.. High gloss polishing paste, non-greasy, water-soluble and non-smearingPackaging: 650gm..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Molloplast B - Heat Cure Soft Reliner
Packaging:Combi Pack : Jar 45gm, + Primer adhesive 15ml...
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Brand: DETAX Model: Mollosil - Cold Cure Soft Reliner
Long-term relining material for chairside use, A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing. Secure bonding to the denture acrylic. For manual mixing, mixing ratio 1:1. Also suitable for immediate dentures. Biocompatible, taste- and odourless. Also suitable for application with the indirect techn..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Primo Adhesive 15ml.
Grinding sleeves For smoothing and removing of uneven spots and for final finishing of permanent soft relining materials and silicones. Cutters & pre-polishers For optimal trimming of permanent soft, silicone based relinings. No smear effect during cutting, negligent heat development thus no sep..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Xynon Spray
Liquid insulting agent.Insulates plaster, resin, metal and porcelain from wax/ceramicUse brush for application.Packaging:100 ml bottle..
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