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Aesthetic Composite Polishing KitDESCRIPTION:The three-stage finishing and polishing system for compositesOptimised Composite Polishers for a high surface shine of the compositeThree step-system: finishing – polishing – high gloss, to be applied immediately after contouringOptimum price-to-performan..
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Brand: SS White Model: Cavity Preparation Kit
Description:The Master's Kit for cavity preparation, besides having high quality preparation burs, it also has a special wheel bur for conservative preparations especially in class V cavities. Also, since it is not advisable to remove infected dentin with airrotor diamond points, slow speed carbide ..
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Brand: SS White Model: Complete Composite Finishing and Polishing Kit
Description:A convenient selection of SS White trimming and finishing burs and one-step polishers specifically designed to trim, contour and pre-polish anterior and posterior composite resin materials using SS White Safe End and regular Trimming and Finishing Burs. Final polishing is accomplished wi..
र 1,800
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Brand: SS White Model: Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit
Description:Great White® Ultra Carbide Burs are made with dentated carbide specifically designed for superb cutting action for crown and bridge preparation.Package Contents: 1 each of Laboratory Carbide (FG): Laboratory Carbide - 1.45 mm x 8 mm Round End Cone Crosscut - GWU 856-018; Laboratory ..
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Brand: MEDICEPT Model: Dental Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit
DESCRIPTIONThe Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays.Precise depth orientation grooves can be achieved easily with the specially designed depth cutting diamond points..
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Brand: COLTENE Model: DIATECH Brushine Universal Polishing Kit
Brushes (RA) with silicium carbide powder for polishing on restorations-without paste. These RA Instruments with help you achieve high lustre polishing on any restorative.Packaging: Kit of 6 Brushine Universal Polishing Brushes..
र 7,638
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Brand: COLTENE Model: DIATECH Composite Polishing Kit
Smooth surfaces offer the best protection against plaque accumulation and discoloration.This is especially important for composite materials.DIATECH silicone polishers create a smooth, shiny surface on composites – even on tricky fine hybrid composites.Key Specifications:Smooth SurfaceHigh Protectio..
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Brand: COLTENE Model: DIATECH Composite Preparation and Finishing Kit
FG Diamond burs for composite preparation & finishingThis kit comprises 12 MULTILAYER FG Diamonds in 2 different grit sizes, 2 Silicone-Polishers and 1 BRUSHINE polishing brush for contra-angles.The diamond coated cutting surface of these instruments is pointed at an angle of approximately 95°.T..
र 5,700
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Brand: COLTENE Model: DIATECH Crown Preparation Kit
Kit of 14 multilayered gold plated diamond burs specially selected by Indian dentists for crown and bridge preparation.Packaging: Kit of 14 burs..
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