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Brand: VITA Model: 3D Master Linear Shade Guide
3D Master Linear Shade GuideWith the VITA Linearguide 3D-MASTER you can determine the correct tooth shade swiftly and accurately. The modern design and systematic structure of the VITA Linearguide enable the appropriate 3D-MASTER shade to be found quickly.The VITA Linearguide 3D-MASTER facilitates t..
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Brand: VITA Model: 3D Master Shade Guide
VITA 3D MasterVITA Toothguide 3D-MASTER®With the VITA Toothguide 3D-MASTER, all natural tooth shades can be determined accurately and systematically.BLEACHED SHADE GUIDEThe VITA BLEACHED SHADE GUIDE enables the shades of bleached teeth to be determined accurately and systematically using the same pr..
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Brand: VITA Model: AKZENT Plus Chroma Stains Kit
AKZENT Plus Chroma Stains Kit – VITA AKZENT PLUS stains allow users to optimize the shade of all types of dental ceramic restorations regardless of the CTE of the restoration.Determining and communicating the correct tooth shade has a significant impact on the esthetic result of a restoration, ..
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Brand: VITA Model: AKZENT Plus Glaze LT Powder 5g
AKZENT Plus GLAZE LT – LT = Low temperatureLow-melting glaze material especially for ceramics with firing temperatures below 800 °CThe firing temperature of the EFFECT and BODY STAINS can be changed by adding GLAZE LT.AKZENT Plus Glaze (powder, paste or spray), for glass like effect, sold separ..
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Brand: VITA Model: AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid 20ml
AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid – VITA AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid can be used to mix all VITA AKZENT Plus powder materials and obtain a moldable mixture with a paste-like consistency.Packaging - 20 ml..
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Brand: VITA Model: Classic Shade Guide
VITA Classic Shade Guide The VITA classical A1 – D4 shade guide serves to accurately determine tooth shade.The arrangement of the shades in the VITA classical family of shades is as follows:A1 - A4 (reddish-brownish)B1 - B4 (reddish-yellowish)C1 - C4 (greyish shades)D2 - D4 (reddish-grey)T..
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Brand: VITA Model: Easyshade® Advance 5.0
The VITA Easyshade V digital spectrophotometer was developed for precise, fast and reliable shade determination of natural teeth and ceramic restorations.Precise and reproducible tooth shade determination in seconds, thanks to the latest measuring technologyObjective and reliable measurements, due t..
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Brand: VITA Model: Opaque Fluid 250 ML
VITA VM OPAQUE FLUID for mixing opaque powder.For mixing VITA VM 13 and VM 15 OPAQUE materials...
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Brand: VITA Model: Paste Opaque Liquid 15ml
VITA PASTE OPAQUE LIQUID, 15 mlTo change the consistency of VITA paste opaques and paste bonders..
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Brand: VITA Model: V60 i-Line Furnace
Description:VITA combines maximum quality with proven technology. And with VITA V60 i-Line, VITA consistently meets these requirements. VITA V60 i-Line emphasizes two core aspects: outstanding fi ring results in the long term, as well as user-friendly operation.Features/BenefitsUniquely user-friendl..
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Brand: VITA Model: VACUMAT® 6000 M FURNACE
Description:The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M is a fully-automatic, microprocessor-controlled firing unit, ideal for all dental ceramic firing requirements. The furnace impresses with superb quality and esthetics, and offers outstanding firing results, user safety and convenience. Thanks to its optimum ergono..
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Description:VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP is built to guarantee safe and reliable pressing results. This combipress unit combines all the advantages of a modern firing and press furnace with a compact design that sets new standards. VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP features all the programs and functions of VITA VACUMAT..
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