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The Perfect Partner for all indirect techniques.

This three-component system hardness with and without light and is therefore particularly well-suited for indirect techniques such as challenging cementations of root posts and core build-ups, as well as veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. The Pre-Bond ensures that after its application the bond mix hardness in a controlled fashion in the hard tissue, thus facilitating a superior bond. Specially shaped endo brushes allow for a very user-friendly application in the root canal.

Luxa bond is ultimate in flexibility and versatility.


Dual-curing bonding agent in combination with the Total-Etch technique on enamel and dentine for all indirect techniques such as challenging adhesive cementations of root posts and core build ups, veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges.


  • Cures even without light
  • No premature polymerization of bonding material
  • Compatible with self-curing and dual-curing materials

Pre-Bond facilities quicker curing of the bond mix in the dentine for superior retention

  • Easy root canal application with special Endobrushes
  • Does not contain acetone

Flexible range of applications

LuxaBond-Total Etch is the final component in DMG‘s product range for post-endodontic restorations. The adhesive system is also suitable for fixing inlays. Self-curing does more than just allow it to be used in areas that the light does not reach. 

Even the unwanted premature curing of pools on the floor of the cavity (the »pooling effect«) can be avoided, as the curing can also be done entirely after insertion of the post. LuxaBond-Total Etch can generally be used with LuxaCoreZ-Dual for core build-up or for adhesive cementation of crowns and bridges with Vitique or PermaCem. In these cases, there is the option of curing it with light.

Reliable bond

The pre-bonding that facilitates the superior bonding properties of the system is applied after separate etching of the enamel and the dentine. It ensures that the bonding mixture (consisting of components A and B) hardens very quickly after application to the tooth material. It means that a ready-made anchor layer is present even before the introduction of the restoration material. In addition, the pre-bonding allows a longer processing time for the bonding mixture, as its curing is only accelerated when it comes into contact with the pre-bond. For easy handling, the order of application is specified on the bottles, with color codes to indicate the bond components.


5ml. Bottle Prebond, Bond A, Bond B.

2ml. Syringe of Etching Gel with Luer lock applicator.

Product NameLuxaBond
Made inGermany
CategoryBonding Agents
Packaging5ml. Bottle Prebond, Bond A, Bond B. 2ml. Syringe of Etching Gel with Luer lock applicator.
Warranty / Guarantee100% Genuine product
Shipping Time2-3 Working Days
Payment ModeCredit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Cash on Delivery

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