An ISO 9001 company manufacturing dental material for the last eight years . Proven and established products in India with a vast clientele base. Company has a good R& D centre and first in India to manufacture and specialize in endodontic material and Teeth whitening products.

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Canalarge is for Pulp Capping and Pulpotomy weeping canal treatment of External Resorption Apexifica..
Rs.480 Ex Tax: Rs.429
  PRODUCT DETAILS For pulp capping and pulpotomy, weeping canal ,treatment of external re..
Rs.693 Ex Tax: Rs.619
Canal Clean ( Irrigation Needles ) Out Of Stock
Close end tip side port opening Irrigation Needles  Contains : Pack of 25 pcs  ..
Rs.952 Ex Tax: Rs.850
Canalarge is Disodium Edetate solution Chelating agent for the root canal and Cavaties .   C..
Rs.427 Ex Tax: Rs.381
Canalsolve Removes both GP Point and zinc oxide based Sealers  Contains : 13ml  ..
Rs.427 Ex Tax: Rs.381
Ready Mix Temporary Filling Paste which sets in contect with Saliva  Qty - 30gms   ..
Rs.181 Ex Tax: Rs.162
CITO CID - 10% Citric Acid for disolving Calcium , chelation etc   Content : 10ml   ..
Rs.291 Ex Tax: Rs.260
Cresolve Root Canal Disinfection Solution containing antibacterial agents of phenols. Content : 1..
Rs.480 Ex Tax: Rs.429
Pulp Devitlizing Paste (Arsernic Free )  Contains : 7.5 gms  ..
Rs.640 Ex Tax: Rs.571
Gel for hypersensitivity and post bleaching , sensitivity . It is also ideal for patients who are su..
Rs.421 Ex Tax: Rs.376
  Root Canal Disinfecting Solution Content : 220ml ..
Rs.480 Ex Tax: Rs.429
Viscous 20% ferric sulfate gel Contains : 3ml ..
Rs.403 Ex Tax: Rs.360
Root Canal Sealer set of Liquid and powder  ..
Rs.801 Ex Tax: Rs.715
EUGENOL AMMDENT 15ML Description: Extra pure eugenol oil to be used as obtudent for the relief..
Rs.96 Ex Tax: Rs.86
Solution for prevention of dental caries and treatment of Hypersensitiv cases Content : 13ml ..
Rs.533 Ex Tax: Rs.476
  37% Orthophosphoric Acid in a gel for etching and conditioning   Contains : 1 syri..
Rs.180 Ex Tax: Rs.161
  PRODUCT DETAILS Light curable calcium Hydroxide paste for cavity lining (base )for dire..
Rs.693 Ex Tax: Rs.619
Nano Fill  is a Nano Hybrid Light Cure Composite Contains : kit of  6 syringes  ..
Rs.3,209 Ex Tax: Rs.2,865
  PRODUCT DETAILS PC SEAL (Poly Carboxylate Cement ) use for fixation and lining. Fixatio..
Rs.640 Ex Tax: Rs.571
  PRODUCT DETAILS Visible Light Cure Available in 2 gms. ..
Rs.587 Ex Tax: Rs.524
  PRODUCT DETAILS For GIC filling an Core Built UP with excellent strength Type-ll Glass ..
Rs.693 Ex Tax: Rs.619
  PRODUCT DETAILS For Crown & Bridge luting purpose,Micro fine powder, Ultra thin fil..
Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.714
EDTA with carbamide peroxide in a water soluble paste form available in 3ml x 2 tubes Content 2 s..
Rs.479 Ex Tax: Rs.428
Prolax is a fine abrasive paste containing Pumice & fluoride as major Ingredients   Cont..
Rs.427 Ex Tax: Rs.381
Prolax is a fine abrasive paste containing Pumice & fluoride as major Ingredients   Cont..
Rs.192 Ex Tax: Rs.171
  PRODUCT DETAILS For GIC filling an Core Built UP with good strength Type-ll Glass ionom..
Rs.320 Ex Tax: Rs.286
Root Canal Sealing and Filling Material Resin Based Contains : 10g powder/ 10ml liquid  ..
Rs.533 Ex Tax: Rs.476
10% , 16% , 22 % Carbamide Peroxide for Home Bleach and 35% for Office Bleach Contains : 4 x 2.2m..
Rs.801 Ex Tax: Rs.715