Founded in 1994, Angelus is a dental consumable manufacturer, located in the south of Brazil, specialized in the areas of Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Laboratory.

Concentrating its core competence in R&D, with a distinguished team of PhD's and partnership with scientists, Angelus is able to generate a great number of patented innovative products.

The results of this background gave Angelus the National Innovation Award, considered the “ Oscar “ of Brazil innovation.

Angelus has 6 certifications, ISO 13485, EN ISO 13485 + AC:2007, Directive 93/42/CEE,  ISO 9001, RDC 59 e FDA that guarantee the quality system and allows its worldwide distribution to more than 65 countries in the five continents. Focusing on fiber reinforced materials MTA-based solutions and a clever line of pediatrician products, the company sustains a two-digit growth sinceits foundation.

Angelus believes that Innovation is the drive force that brings growth and benefits not only to  itself but also to the Dentistry field and the communities around the world.

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Angelus Silicone Stop -5%
  Description :- Angelus Sillicone Stops is a Stop fabricated with silicone For work..
Rs.500 Rs.477 Ex Tax: Rs.426
  Exacto High light transmission and double taper Product description Glass fiber int..
Rs.3,000 Ex Tax: Rs.2,679
  DENTAL Angelus HEVEA Rubber dam sheet based on natural latex 6"x6"  In..
Rs.1,893 Ex Tax: Rs.1,690
Interlig Fibre Splint -4%
Braided glass fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin   Indication Spl..
Rs.3,750 Rs.3,586 Ex Tax: Rs.3,202
Intermedium Angelus -4%
  INTERMEDIUM Precision guaranteed Product description Calibrating ruler for gut..
Rs.3,000 Rs.2,869 Ex Tax: Rs.2,561
MTA Angelus 2 Dose Price in India A super treatment for accidents and endodontic complications ..
Rs.2,576 Ex Tax: Rs.2,300
MTA APPLICATOR Design and Lightness Product description Instrument to apply MTA Ind..
Rs.4,000 Rs.3,826 Ex Tax: Rs.3,416
MTA FILLAPEX 4gms The proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealer Product desc..
Rs.2,400 Rs.2,295 Ex Tax: Rs.2,049
MTA FILLAPEX 12gm Angelus -4%
MTA FILLAPEX 12gms The proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealer Product des..
Rs.4,000 Rs.3,826 Ex Tax: Rs.3,416
Nucleojet Simple Post Angelus -4%
  Prefabricated polycarbonate structure for the construction of cast metal posts. Feature..
Rs.800 Rs.764 Ex Tax: Rs.683
Pinjet Angelus -4%
  Endodontic Root Canal Polycarbonate Pinjet 50 pins ANGELUS Endodontic Root Canal Polyca..
Rs.600 Rs.573 Ex Tax: Rs.512
Provjet Angelus -5%
  Angelus Provjet is used for making temporary crowns   Features Universal ..
Rs.500 Rs.477 Ex Tax: Rs.426
Reforpost Carbon Fibre Pack of 5 Out Of Stock
Reforpost Carbon Fiber PACK of 5 Retentive shape INDICATION Support of restorations and pr..
Rs.2,347 Ex Tax: Rs.2,095
Refropost Fibre Post -4%
Glass fiber parallel intraradicular post with conical tip   Indication Support of..
Rs.2,300 Rs.2,200 Ex Tax: Rs.1,964
Refropost Metalic -4%
Stainless steel intraradicular posts   Indication Support of restorations and pro..
Rs.600 Rs.573 Ex Tax: Rs.512
Refropost Metalic Pack of 25 -4%
Stainless steel intraradicular posts   Indication Support of restorations and pro..
Rs.2,250 Rs.2,152 Ex Tax: Rs.1,921
SILANO -4% Out Of Stock
Silano Pre activated (ready to use) INDICATION Treatment of internal surfaces of porcelain..
Rs.1,100 Rs.1,052 Ex Tax: Rs.939