In 1963 under the name of »Dental Material Gesellschaft«, Ernst Mühlbauer formed a company for the production of silicate cements. The most important asset at the time: pioneer spirit, good ideas, and a reliable dental furnace.

Today, more than 300 employees at DMG are committed to support and provide dentists and laboratories worldwide with high quality dental brand name products. At DMG everything comes from one source – from research and development to production to packaging, distribution and product management. That is how we can be sure that all processes comply with the extremely high DMG quality standards.

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Constic -4%
  Self- etching, self adhesive flowable composite   INDICATIONS: Small rest..
Rs.3,700 Rs.3,539 Ex Tax: Rs.3,160
Contax Activator Refill -4% Out Of Stock
  Contax Self-etching and self-conditioning adhesive system Indications Light-curing ..
Rs.2,000 Rs.1,913 Ex Tax: Rs.1,708
Contax Intro Kit -4%
  Contax Self-etching and self-conditioning adhesive system Indications Light-curing ..
Rs.5,000 Rs.4,782 Ex Tax: Rs.4,269
DMG Luxacore Z Dual Smartmix Dental core build up material -4%
  Core build –ups closer to nature than ever before. INDICATION : &n..
Rs.5,000 Rs.4,782 Ex Tax: Rs.4,269
DMG Supertec Light cure Impression Tray Material -4% Out Of Stock
  Light-curing impression tray material Easy to form, adapt and trim Long working ti..
Rs.5,250 Rs.5,021 Ex Tax: Rs.4,483
EcuSphere – Carat -4%
  Light-curing tampable composite for posterior regions   INDICATIONS: Rest..
Rs.1,100 Rs.1,052 Ex Tax: Rs.939
  Enamel-like translucency Excellent polishing properties at high filler degree Natur..
Rs.1,064 Ex Tax: Rs.950
Honigum -4%
  The VPS based Impression material Stays where you need it and Flowable When you want..
Rs.6,700 Rs.6,409 Ex Tax: Rs.5,722
Honigum Mono -4%
  One-step precision Precise reproduction of the preparation line Finest surface deta..
Rs.2,200 Rs.2,104 Ex Tax: Rs.1,879
Ionosit-Baseliner INDICATION: • Underfilling material for composite,   Amalgam and ce..
Rs.2,464 Ex Tax: Rs.2,200
LuxaBite DMG -4% Out Of Stock
  The triumph of rigidity. The hardest bite registration material (Barcol hardness 25 ..
Rs.4,025 Rs.3,850 Ex Tax: Rs.3,438
  The Perfect Partner for all indirect techniques.   This three-co..
Rs.5,152 Ex Tax: Rs.4,600
LuxaForm DMG -4%
    No mixing No tray required Stable under storage conditions No smear lay..
Rs.3,000 Rs.2,869 Ex Tax: Rs.2,561
LuxaPost DMG -4%
    Perfect partner for LuxaCore: Monoblock Dentine-like flexural modulus: redu..
Rs.2,500 Rs.2,390 Ex Tax: Rs.2,134
Luxatemp Star -4%
  "Luxatemp Star comes in the Name of Luxatemp Fluoroscence in India" Temporari..
Rs.6,500 Rs.6,217 Ex Tax: Rs.5,551
  Fully automatic Delivery twice as fast as with the previous MixStar model 3 selecta..
Rs.96,000 Ex Tax: Rs.85,714
O-BITE -4%
  Fresh Hardnes O-Bite, DMG's self-mixing VPS bite registration material with a Share..
Rs.3,000 Rs.2,869 Ex Tax: Rs.2,561
  No Etching no bonding dentine & enamel cement for all indications except veneers &n..
Rs.3,920 Ex Tax: Rs.3,500
    The VPS based Impression Material.    INDICATION :   &nbs..
Rs.4,800 Ex Tax: Rs.4,286
  Silagum - Light Good hydrophilic properties Flowable viscosity  Available a..
Rs.1,707 Ex Tax: Rs.1,524
TempoCem NE Hand Mix DMG -4% Out Of Stock
  Tempocem NE - Handmix  Optimal adhesion and removability Thin film thickness ..
Rs.2,200 Rs.2,104 Ex Tax: Rs.1,879
TempoCem NE Smart Mix DMG -4% Out Of Stock
  TempoCem NE Smartmix Temporary Cement is a gentle, patient friendly, eugenol-free formula ..
Rs.2,200 Rs.2,104 Ex Tax: Rs.1,879
Vitique Cementation System -4%
  Veneer cementation with added value Superior materials provide a complete system for..
Rs.5,100 Rs.4,877 Ex Tax: Rs.4,355