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 One Step Reliable Cementation (without bonding)Secure cementing does not depend on the..
Rs.15,500 Ex Tax: Rs.14,762
ETC-37 Etching Gel -40%
 Known AsETC – 37 is specially formulated for etching the tooth enamel & p..
Rs.200 Rs.120 Ex Tax: Rs.114
 Bond With No Boundaries  One-Component Light-Cured Universal Adh..
Rs.4,250 Ex Tax: Rs.4,048
 Scotchbond™ Universal Etchant is 32% by weight phosphoric acid etching gel with impr..
Rs.525 Ex Tax: Rs.500
 Adper Easy One Self-Etch Adhesive is a simple one component, one coat, self-etch adhesive ..
Rs.2,048 Ex Tax: Rs.1,950
Rs.5,170 Ex Tax: Rs.4,924
 Advanced 7th generation bonding with "nano-interaction" technologyOne Co..
Rs.3,900 Ex Tax: Rs.3,714
  Scotchbond™ Universal Dual Cure Activator is for use with Scotchbond&trade..
Price On Call Ex Tax: Price On Call
 Single Bond Universal AdhesiveGo beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solu..
Rs.3,308 Ex Tax: Rs.3,150
 Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose PrimerAdper™ Scotchbond™ Multi-Purpose Prim..
Rs.1,785 Ex Tax: Rs.1,700
 RelyX Ceramic PrimerA prehydrolyzed silane based primer designed to enhance bonds to p..
Rs.1,155 Ex Tax: Rs.1,100
 Description:Blue tinted viscous gel/ liquid of 37% phosphoric and 2% benzalkonium chlo..
Rs.840 Ex Tax: Rs.800
  Virtual Virtual is the new line of vinylpolysiloxane impression materials spec..
Rs.880 Ex Tax: Rs.838
 Proper cleaning after try-inThe universal cleaning paste Ivoclean effectively cleans t..
Rs.2,300 Ex Tax: Rs.2,190
 The varnish for an immediate fluoridation. Fluor Protector N offers superior ..
Rs.4,800 Ex Tax: Rs.4,571
 Tetric N-Bond is a light-curing, nano-filled single-component adhesive which is used in co..
Rs.1,400 Ex Tax: Rs.1,333
 The light-curing bonding agent Heliobond optimizes the enamel etching procedure in conjunc..
Rs.4,310 Ex Tax: Rs.4,105
 ExciTE F is a light-curing, fluoride releasing, single-component total-etch adhesive. It i..
Rs.6,500 Ex Tax: Rs.6,190
            AdheSE is a light-curing, self-etching two-compon..
Price On Call Ex Tax: Price On Call
 N Etch is an etching gel containing 37% phosphoric acid. N Etch is used for enamel etching..
Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.762
 No Etching no bonding dentine & enamel cement for all indications except veneers&n..
Rs.3,675 Ex Tax: Rs.3,500
 The Perfect Partner for all indirect techniques. This three-co..
Rs.4,830 Ex Tax: Rs.4,600
Silano Pre activated (ready to use)INDICATIONTreatment of internal surfaces of porcelain..
Rs.1,100 Ex Tax: Rs.1,048
FUSION SELF ETCH BOND ECONOMY PACKDescription:Fusion Self Etch Bond is a 7th generation, mul..
Rs.1,495 Ex Tax: Rs.1,424
FUSION TOTAL ETCH BOND ECONOMY PACKDescription:Fusion Total Etch Bond is multifunctional, Li..
Rs.1,425 Ex Tax: Rs.1,357
FUSION BOND DCDescription:Fusion Bond DC is dual curing bonding agent for enamel and dentine..
Rs.1,425 Ex Tax: Rs.1,357
ACTINO GEL INTRO PACKDescription:Blue tinted viscous gel/ liquid of 37% phosphoric and 2% be..
Rs.265 Ex Tax: Rs.252
ACTINO GEL JUMBO PACKDescription:Blue tinted viscous gel/ liquid of 37% phosphoric and 2% be..
Rs.975 Ex Tax: Rs.929