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Single Bond Universal Adhesive

Single Bond Universal Adhesive
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The unique chemistry of Scotch bond Universal adhesive optimizes the ratios of the 3M ESPE proprietary VitrebondTM copolymer, HEMA and water. This allows for rehydration of the collagen network and formation of a distinct hybrid layer whether dentin is kept moist or dry.

Go beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Single Bond Universal Adhesive.

  • Combined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.
  • Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin.
  • Virtually no post-op sensitivity.
  • Flexible dispensing tip can be individually adjusted before application.
  • High bond strength to all indirect surfaces (zirconia, alumina, glass ceramics and metals) without a separate primer.
  • Excellent marginal integrity for highly esthetic restorations.
  • One-step, one-coat adhesive application.
  • Self- and dual-cure compatible with (Scotchbond™ Universal DCA Dual Cure Activator)
  • No refrigeration needed, store at room temperature for two years.

Direct Placement Indications

  • Bonding light-cured composite or compomer for all classes of direct restorations.
  • Root surface desensitization.
  • Sealing of dentin prior to amalgam restorations.
  • Protective varnish for glass ionomer restorative materials.
  • Repair of composite or compomer restorations.
  • Bonding sealants.
  • Indirect Placement Indications
  • Bonding veneers with RelyX™ Veneer Cement.
  • Adhesive/primer for chemical adhesion when bonding zirconia, alumina, metal or glass ceramic restorations.
  • Intraoral repair of existing indirect restorations.
  • Bonding self- or dual-cure core build-up materials and resin cements (with Scotchbond™ Universal DCA Dual Cure Activator).
  • Sealing of dentin prior to temporization for indirect restoration placement.

Light-curing Single Bond Universal is ideal for a wide range of indications:

  • Bonding light cured composite - total etch on cut enamel.
  • Bonding light cured composite - total etch on uncut enamel.
  • Bonding light cured composite - self etch.
  • Bonding light cured composite - selective etch.
  • Root surface desensitization.
  • Sealing of dentin prior to amalgam restorations.
  • Protective varnish for GI restorations.
  • Repair of composite restorations.
  • Bonding pit and fissure sealants in both total etch and self etch mode.
  • Bonding veneers with a conventional resin cement.
  • Bonding high strength substrates like zirconia, alumina and metal.
  • Bonding weak ceramics like glass ceramics.
  • Intraoral repair of indirect restorations.
  • Bonding self- or dual- cure material and resin cement with dual cure.
  • Activator (example: single bond universal dual cure activator).
  • Sealing dentinal tubules prior to temporization in self etch mode.

Package Contents:

1 x 5ml Bottle

Product NameSingle Bond Universal Adhesive
Made inUnited States
CategoryBonding Agents
Packaging1 x 5ml Bottle
Warranty / Guarantee100% Genuine product
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