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Restorative Material

Restorative Material

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Palfique Universal Flow Super Low L -10% Out Of Stock
 FeaturesPALFIQUE® Universal Flow is the universal flowable composite resin having ..
Rs.1,650 Rs.1,485 Ex Tax: Rs.1,326
Palfique Universal Flow Medium L -10% Out Of Stock
 FeaturesPALFIQUE® Universal Flow is the universal flowable composite resin having ..
Rs.1,650 Rs.1,485 Ex Tax: Rs.1,326
Palfique Universal Flow High L -10% Out Of Stock
 FeaturesPALFIQUE® Universal Flow is the universal flowable composite resin having ..
Rs.1,650 Rs.1,485 Ex Tax: Rs.1,326
ESTELITE COLOR -10% Out Of Stock
 Indulge in ColorsEstelite Color is a low viscosity, light-cured tint for individualize..
Rs.3,900 Rs.3,510 Ex Tax: Rs.3,134
Palfique Bulk Flow -10% Out Of Stock
 Description:PALFIQUE® BULK FLOW is a light-cured, flowable bulk fill composite tha..
Rs.2,900 Rs.2,610 Ex Tax: Rs.2,330
Metafil CX - Resin Based Restorative Material Out Of Stock
 Metafil CX is a visible light cure, tooth shade composite resin using an organic filler wh..
Rs.950 Ex Tax: Rs.848
Metafil Flo Out Of Stock
 Flowable, Radiopaque Hybrid Resin-Based Dental Restorative Material Metafil Flo i..
Rs.950 Ex Tax: Rs.848
Fantasista - Resin Based Restorative Material Out Of Stock
 Fantasista is a visible light cure, tooth shade, radio-opaque composite resin using an org..
Rs.950 Ex Tax: Rs.848
 Description:Ready to use putty for temporary filling. Sets with Slight expansion ..
Rs.361 Ex Tax: Rs.322
 Description:For temporary root filling. Pulp capping / Pulp protection. Provide..
Rs.78 Ex Tax: Rs.70
 Description:Mixed with eugenol liquid and is used as temporary cement. Temporary ..
Rs.126 Ex Tax: Rs.113
 Description:Fixation of crowns & bridges, inlays and orthodontic brackets. Ca..
Rs.530 Ex Tax: Rs.473
RIVA CEM - Glass Ionomer Luting Cement -20%
 Resin modified glass ionomer luting cementriva cem is a self-curing, radiopaque, fluor..
Rs.2,500 Rs.1,999 Ex Tax: Rs.1,785
Based on 1 reviews.
DIAPASTE - Calcium Hydroxide Paste -12%
 Premixed Calcium Hydroxide with Barium SulfateDiaPaste is a great alternative to our m..
Rs.1,350 Rs.1,194 Ex Tax: Rs.1,066
Based on 1 reviews.
Dia Temp - Blue Temporary Cementation Material -5%
 Brief Description:A visible, light cured temporary filling material Light Cured m..
Rs.1,450 Rs.1,375 Ex Tax: Rs.1,228
Based on 1 reviews.
 Refill of 12 pieces, Assortment box of 100 pieces (n° 1-20, 5 pieces of each)P..
Rs.500 Ex Tax: Rs.446
Based on 1 reviews.
 DescriptionFor over 20 years, one drop of GLUMA has been sufficient to reduce and prev..
Rs.2,155 Ex Tax: Rs.1,924
XtraCem-LC Light Cure Glass Ionomer Cement -15%
 DESCRIPTIONXtracem-LC is a Radiopaque glass-ionomer light-cured lining and restorative..
Rs.2,100 Rs.1,785 Ex Tax: Rs.1,594
Based on 1 reviews.
SELFCEM - Dual Cure Self-Adhesive Resin Cement -17%
 Description:Selfcem self-adhesive resin cement is specifically designed to make the ce..
Rs.3,200 Rs.2,650 Ex Tax: Rs.2,366
Based on 1 reviews.
Glass Ionomer Liquid -3%
 PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA Universal Glass Ionomer Liquid which can be used with glass ionom..
Rs.825 Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.714
Based on 1 reviews.
STIC - Temporary Cavity Filling Material -15%
 PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA ready to use temporary filling material with a synthetic resin ba..
Rs.250 Rs.212 Ex Tax: Rs.190
Based on 1 reviews.
ACCUTEMP - Temporary Crown & Bridge Material -15%
 DESCRIPTION:Accutemp is a Bis-acrylic composite 10:1, self curing, for high-quality sh..
Rs.4,800 Rs.4,080 Ex Tax: Rs.3,643
Based on 1 reviews.
IMPLALUTE - Implant Cement -15%
 DESCRIPTION:Implalute is a cement for superstructures on a resin base 4:1. Specially d..
Rs.3,300 Rs.2,805 Ex Tax: Rs.2,504
Based on 1 reviews.
XtraCem - S Silver Reinforced Cement -15%
 Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Silver Reinforced CementDESCRIPTION:Xtracem S   Medi..
Rs.2,350 Rs.1,997 Ex Tax: Rs.1,783
Based on 1 reviews.
 DESCRIPTION:Chemical Cure Composite Restorative Material is a highly filled, non stick..
Rs.1,645 Ex Tax: Rs.1,469
Based on 1 reviews.
XtraCem - P Posterior Restorative Cement -15%
 DESCRIPTION:Medicept Dental Xtracem P (Posterior Restorative Cement)  Glass Iono..
Rs.2,000 Rs.1,700 Ex Tax: Rs.1,518
Based on 1 reviews.
XtraCem - Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement -15%
 DESCRIPTION:Medicept Dental’s range of aesthetic glass ionomer restoratives are ..
Rs.1,300 Rs.1,105 Ex Tax: Rs.987
Based on 1 reviews.
Accucem - Automix Eugenol-Free Temporary Cement -15%
 Product DescriptionMedicept Dental Accucem is used for temporary cementing of Privisio..
Rs.1,250 Rs.1,062 Ex Tax: Rs.949
Based on 1 reviews.