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Bellabond Plus Alloy Out Of Stock
 Bio-certified porcelain metal for beryllium-free (Cr-Ni) crown-bridge High r..
Rs.7,840 Ex Tax: Rs.7,000
Crown Wax with finely tuned formulationBEGO Special waxes for all areas of crown and bridge work..
Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.678
 Chrome cobalt metal-ceramic alloy - nickel-free, beryllium-freeBiocompatibility and..
Rs.35,840 Ex Tax: Rs.32,000
 Non-precious alloy for metal-ceramic work or composite veneering - beryllium-freeBi..
Rs.26,880 Ex Tax: Rs.24,000
 Standard partial denture alloy for clasp denturesSuccessful all over the world sinc..
Rs.16,000 Ex Tax: Rs.14,286
 Chrome cobalt partial denture alloyPartial dentures par excellence. Universal all..
Rs.9,227 Ex Tax: Rs.8,239