Kerr Corporation a manufacturer of premier dental consumables sold worldwide. Kerr is part of the KaVo Kerr Group..The long lasting trust they enjoy worldwide is based on technologies that meet the expectations of dental patients and relies on more than 100 years of cooperation with dentists. Kerr success depends on their preference and they are proud to offer what All customers and partners really ask for. True to their brand promise to the dental clinician: Your Practice is Our Inspiration.

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  EndoVac is a true apical negative pressure irrigation system. Instead of applying positive..
Rs.50,133 Ex Tax: Rs.44,762
  Designed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the LA Axxess™ instruments optimise access prep..
Rs.3,733 Ex Tax: Rs.3,333
  The M4 Safety® handpiece is designed to guide hand files through the canals quickly, e..
Rs.25,600 Ex Tax: Rs.22,857
  Resin based Sealer Sealapex is the original non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymorphic ..
Rs.1,387 Ex Tax: Rs.1,238
  Successful endodontic therapy requires a clean and clear root canal system. The impro..
Rs.1,173 Ex Tax: Rs.1,048
  Digital Apex Locator Apex ID is compact and modern with unique functions which allow yo..
Rs.37,333 Ex Tax: Rs.33,333
  Experience the freedom of cordless design. EndoTouch TC2 by Kerr Endodontics is the gen..
Rs.62,933 Ex Tax: Rs.56,190
  The K-File is the strongest of the handfiles with less separation potential. K-Files can b..
Rs.213 Ex Tax: Rs.190
  K-Flex® Files feature a unique rhomboid design, which provides a short axis for flexib..
Rs.213 Ex Tax: Rs.190
  Pathfinder CS instruments feature the same minimal taper as stainless steel Pathfinders bu..
Rs.277 Ex Tax: Rs.248
Provisional Cement For trial restorations or temporary crowns and bridges withstands masticat..
Rs.1,707 Ex Tax: Rs.1,524