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Shiva Products, established in the year 1998, is an eminent company dealing in dental Lab supplies and other products. With more than a decade of experience in this industry, we are proud to be recognized as a renowned manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Dental Goods, Jewellery Waxes, Investment Casting Waxes, Modelling Waxes, Dental Alloys, Dental Instruments, etc., which are specifically made according to international quality parameters. We are a team of experienced professionals working with a common goal of quality production, thereby, winning the trust and faith of thousands of national and international clients.

The Company has ventured into the field of dentistry since 1998 with 2 products in hand. With Team work & focus on RRR strategy (Reliable Responsible & Reasonable) at present, we have more than 50 Products in hand and many in pipe line. Company has become one of the leading suppliers in Domestic & well-known in International Market. The strong relationship and the trust of consumers, trade and the dental profession built over the decade of operations in India has made 'MAARC' a trusted Brand.

'MAARC' products have the repo of "RIGHT QUALITY AT RIGHT PRICE" in Indian as well as International market. Our An ISO 9001 : 2008 & 13485 : 2003 manufacturing standard helps us to deliver quality dentistry products at affordable rates to masses. Our goal is to build confident relationship with our customers.

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Angular Spirit Lamp -56%
 Unique hexagonal shape. With flame control and gas exit points. Cab be used upright..
Rs.500 Rs.218 Ex Tax: Rs.195
Beading Wax -28%
 Thickness6 mm x 6 mm x 250 mm appx.Properties & AdvantagesIt is st..
Rs.150 Rs.107 Ex Tax: Rs.91
Bite Registration Wax -33%
 Thickness1.7 mm to 2.0 mm (Custom Thickness Catered).Size160 mm X 90 m..
Rs.550 Rs.368 Ex Tax: Rs.312
Boxing Wax -28%
 Thickness160 x 45 x 1.5 mm.Properties & AdvantagesIt is soft and t..
Rs.150 Rs.107 Ex Tax: Rs.91
CALAHYD-RC Oil Based Calcium Hydroxide Paste -7%
 Known AsPremixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste containing Iodoform with improved antimicr..
Rs.500 Rs.466 Ex Tax: Rs.416
Calcium Hydroxide Powder 15gms. -2%
 IndicationIdeal for temporary root canal filling. Pulp capping. Pulp protection..
Rs.50 Rs.49 Ex Tax: Rs.44
CALX Water Based Plain Calcium Hydroxide Paste  -42%
 Known AsPPremixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste containing Iodoform and Barium Sulphate w..
Rs.200 Rs.116 Ex Tax: Rs.104
CALX-O Radio Opaque -55%
 Known AsPremixed oil based Calcium hydroxide paste containing Iodoform and Barium S..
Rs.427 Rs.192 Ex Tax: Rs.171
Carving Wax Block -28%
 'MAARC' Carving Wax comes in small blocks slugs and in various colors like Translu..
Rs.150 Rs.107 Ex Tax: Rs.91
Casting Wax Sheets -34%
 Thickness0.3 to 0.6 mm.Size160 mm x 90 mm.Colour'MAAR..
Rs.700 Rs.460 Ex Tax: Rs.390
Die Hardner -16%
 ColorTransparent.Properties & AdvantagesIt produces a homogenous c..
Rs.400 Rs.337 Ex Tax: Rs.286
Die Hardner, Spacer and Thinner Set -30%
 Die HardnerColorTransparent.Properties & AdvantagesIt produces..
Rs.1,067 Rs.747 Ex Tax: Rs.667
Die Spacer -16%
 ColorAssorted Silver / Golden.Properties & AdvantagesIt produces a..
Rs.400 Rs.337 Ex Tax: Rs.286
Endogel 3gms Syringe -29%
 Known AsIt is a water soluble Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acid (EDTA) Gel for root canal..
Rs.200 Rs.141 Ex Tax: Rs.111
ETC-37 Etching Gel -39%
 Known AsETC – 37 is specially formulated for etching the tooth enamel & p..
Rs.200 Rs.123 Ex Tax: Rs.104
Eugenol 110ml. -19%
 Properties & AdvantagesAppx 98.9% pure. For temporary relief of localized den..
Rs.550 Rs.445 Ex Tax: Rs.377
Find Fast Carries Indicator -8%
 Properties & AdvantagesIdentifies carious dentin ensures the maximum amount of ..
Rs.200 Rs.184 Ex Tax: Rs.156
Glass Beads MAARC -31%
 Glass Beads Sterlizations 200gm  ..
Rs.400 Rs.276 Ex Tax: Rs.234
Green Tracing Sticks -11%
 ThicknessL 113 x 9 mm dia weighing appx. 10 gms.IndicationsLow fusing ..
Rs.180 Rs.161 Ex Tax: Rs.137
GSOL Fast Dissolving Gutta Percha Solution -33%
 Known AsGutta Percha Solvent D - limonene based G.P solvent for removing Gutta Perc..
Rs.250 Rs.166 Ex Tax: Rs.130
Impression Composition MAARC -8%
 Properties & AdvantagesIt soften at 60°C. It is excellent for taking prim..
Rs.150 Rs.138 Ex Tax: Rs.117
Mercury 225gms -26%
 Properties & AdvantagesAppx 99.99% Pure. An especially triple distilled, chem..
Rs.3,000 Rs.2,224 Ex Tax: Rs.1,885
Mercury 30gms -11%
 Properties & AdvantagesAppx 99.99% Pure. An especially triple distilled, chem..
Rs.450 Rs.400 Ex Tax: Rs.339
Mock Up Wax -26%
 Maarc Mock-Up Wax12 sheets  ..
Rs.500 Rs.368 Ex Tax: Rs.312
Modelling Wax -28%
 Thickness1.3 mm - 1.5 mm(Custom Thickness Catered).Size160 mm X 90 mm...
Rs.150 Rs.107 Ex Tax: Rs.91
Pro-Paste -8%
 Known AsProphylaxis Paste.Properties & AdvantagesThixotropic oil f..
Rs.200 Rs.184 Ex Tax: Rs.156
Re - Inforcement Mesh Golden -27%
 Thickness0.25 mm.TypeGolden and Silver.Properties & Advantag..
Rs.1,500 Rs.1,092 Ex Tax: Rs.975
Re - Inforcement Mesh Silver -16%
 Thickness0.25 mm.TypeGolden and Silver.Properties & Advantag..
Rs.800 Rs.670 Ex Tax: Rs.598