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Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Endodontc Repair Material MTA Cem endodontic reapair material is a p..
Rs.2,027 Ex Tax: Rs.1,810
  Light Cured Gingival Barrier (Curing time 20s) Soft Dam is passively adhesive methacryl..
Rs.1,600 Ex Tax: Rs.1,429
  Paste Retraction System 15% Aluminium Chloride Topical Gigival Retraction Paste Hemost..
Rs.1,227 Ex Tax: Rs.1,095
  Light Cured Temporary Crown and Bridge resin Transcen Temp C&B LC is a new light-cu..
Rs.1,867 Ex Tax: Rs.1,667
  Transeal F is a light-cured dental pit and fissure sealant desinged  for sealing pit..
Rs.1,600 Ex Tax: Rs.1,429
  Esthetic Temporization Material, Bis -  Acrylate - Composite Transtemp is self cur..
Rs.2,400 Ex Tax: Rs.2,143