Shivam Industries

Shivam Industries have been premier manufacturers of Superior quality of Dental products since 1997. Shivam Industries take pride in its Dental products and constantly monitored by the qualified experts including Dentists. Shivam is pioneer in the developing new techniques to make our products customer friendly and offer numerous varieties of Dental products in different/customize sizes at a highly competitive price. Our Dental products are marketed worldwide. We also market Dental accessories through our trading partner A B Trading co. Jammu.
Shivam Industries and trading partners are committed in providing high standards of quality products; a competitive pricing; excellent customer service and always listen to our patrons. Our Dentist friendly products are 100% guaranteed.Shivam Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 & CE Certified Co.


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CALFILL Calcium Hydroxide & Iodoform Paste -56%
  Indications: •    For pulp capping and pulpotomy. •  ..
Rs.290 Rs.127 Ex Tax: Rs.113
CALFILL PLUS Calcium Hydroxide & Barium Sulphate Paste -57%
  Indications: •    For pulp capping and pulpotomy. •  ..
Rs.270 Rs.116 Ex Tax: Rs.104
Cavipal F -40%
  Cavipal is formulated without chloroform, unlike other products on the market. It is used ..
Rs.150 Rs.90 Ex Tax: Rs.80
  CALCIUM HYDROXIDE POWDER Description: Bactericidal calcium hydroxide powder for use ..
Rs.80 Rs.70 Ex Tax: Rs.63
  EDTA SOLUTION Description: Disodium Edetate solution with neutral pH for chemical, m..
Rs.150 Rs.90 Ex Tax: Rs.80
  EUGENOL 110ML Description: Extra pure eugenol oil to be used as obtudent for the rel..
Rs.550 Rs.473 Ex Tax: Rs.422
  ZINC OXIDE POWDER Description: Arsenic free, extra pure zinc powder for temporary dr..
Rs.140 Rs.100 Ex Tax: Rs.89
Dental Zinc Polycarboxylate Cement -36%
  Product Packaging: Set Contains: Powder:- 30g, Liquid:- 15ml, Mixing Pad & Spo..
Rs.700 Rs.450 Ex Tax: Rs.402
EDTA Gel -57%
  EDTA-GEL is a water soluble gel containing 17% EDTA with 10% Carbamide Peroxide for mechan..
Rs.260 Rs.112 Ex Tax: Rs.100
ENDOFILL Root Canal Obsturation Cement -17%
  Root Canal Obsturation Cement is Permanent Root Canal Sealant with Dexamethasone, thymol i..
Rs.580 Rs.480 Ex Tax: Rs.429
ETCH Gel -38%
  Indications: •    For Etching enamel and dentin prior to bonding ..
Rs.180 Rs.112 Ex Tax: Rs.100
  Anti Microbial Etching Gel Liquid Description: Blue tinted viscous gel/ liquid of 37..
Rs.140 Rs.95 Ex Tax: Rs.85
Limosol -29%
  Limosol is a Gutta-percha solvents are used for both root canal filling and removal of roo..
Rs.140 Rs.100 Ex Tax: Rs.89
Quick Set ZOE Cement -18%
  Quick Set ZOE Cement Easy mix rapid setting zinc oxide – eugenol cement for the..
Rs.200 Rs.165 Ex Tax: Rs.147
Root Canal Sealant -32%
  Root Canal Sealant in 1:1 ratio Automix Cartridge with extended working times and flows re..
Rs.480 Rs.325 Ex Tax: Rs.290
  Teeth Whitening Gel is specially formulated with highest quality standards.   I..
Rs.240 Rs.112 Ex Tax: Rs.100
Tempfil G -54%
  Product Description:- Tempfil- G are temporary filling materials self-curing under humidi..
Rs.250 Rs.115 Ex Tax: Rs.103
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Tempfil G-Plus -48%
  Tempfil G Plus is a chemically hardening, radio-opaque,pink filing material containing flo..
Rs.260 Rs.135 Ex Tax: Rs.121
Zinc Phosphate Cement -25%
  Zinc Phosphate Cement which has universal usage for crowns and bridges and as a liner/core..
Rs.400 Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.268
ZOE Cement -21%
  ZOE cement features a reinforcing polymer incorporated into the powder. This gives th..
Rs.280 Rs.220 Ex Tax: Rs.196