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ADSEAL Resin based root canal sealer Applications Permanent root canal sealing Thermal Ob..
Rs.1,680 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
  Light curing type cavity liner Applications Protect pulp of the tooth Lining un..
Rs.1,008 Ex Tax: Rs.900
  E&Q Master Cordless Gutta Percha Obturator   The E&Q Master has the ..
Rs.96,000 Ex Tax: Rs.85,714
  A DREAM MACHINE for the Real Endodontist in you. Four-in-One (Endo Motor, Apex Locat..
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  Meta Endo Organizer with 400 Paper Points The ideal way to organize Endodontic Points ..
Rs.640 Ex Tax: Rs.571
MD-ChelCream 19% EDTA Cream  Applications Root canal preparation with files and reamer..
Rs.1,232 Ex Tax: Rs.1,100
MD-Cleanser 17% EDTA Solution  Applications Presence of calcification in the canal N..
Rs.1,120 Ex Tax: Rs.1,000
  Polyvinylsiloxane Impression Material   Applications Cavity impression of..
Rs.3,920 Ex Tax: Rs.3,500
Gutta Percha Points - Time saving with easy filling - For faster and easier root canal obturatio..
Rs.162 Ex Tax: Rs.145
Paper Points - Highly absorbent - Sterilized individual packages - Variety sizes and packages a..
Rs.162 Ex Tax: Rs.145
    Synthetic Resorbable Material   Applications 1.Periodontal Defects..
Rs.2,053 Ex Tax: Rs.1,833
Meta Etchant™ contains 37% phosphoric acid in water. Thickened with unique polymer.   ..
Rs.308 Ex Tax: Rs.275
  5th Generation Bonding System   Applications Bonding for direct composite..
Rs.812 Ex Tax: Rs.725
  Adhesive Resin Cement   Applications 1.Crown & Bridges (Ceramic, Composi..
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Metapaste Calcium Hydroxide With Barium Sulfate Applications Weeping Canal Formation of a..
Rs.1,232 Ex Tax: Rs.1,100
Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform (2 Syringe Pack) Temporary Root Canal Filling Material with Excel..
Rs.1,680 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
  NETC Easy Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement   Applications 1.Temporary Cementa..
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NETC Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement  Applications Temporary Cementation of crown&bri..
Rs.900 Ex Tax: Rs.804
  Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite Resin   Applications Restoration of invasi..
Rs.952 Ex Tax: Rs.850
Nexcomp Nano Hybrid Composite Resin Out Of Stock
Nexcomp Nano Hybrid Composite Resin Applications Class I, II, III, IV, V restorations Dia..
Rs.4,256 Ex Tax: Rs.3,800
  NexCore Dual-cured core build-up composite Resin   Applications Post adhe..
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  Special Taper Points ProTaper Gutta Percha Points   Time saving with easy f..
Rs.375 Ex Tax: Rs.335
  Special Taper Points .04, .06, Pro Taper Gutta Percha Points - 120 Points  ..
Rs.375 Ex Tax: Rs.335
  Sorbone Synthetic Resorbable Materials Pure- Tricalcium phosphate bioceramics for im..
Rs.2,293 Ex Tax: Rs.2,048
 E-Temp Hydraulic Temporary Restorative MaterialApplications: Temporary cavity filling. Co..
Rs.269 Ex Tax: Rs.240