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Brand: NexoBio Model: MTA Cem 1gm
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Endodontc Repair MaterialMTA Cem endodontic reapair material is a powder consisting of fine, hydrophilic paticles that set in the presence of water. Hydration of the powder creates a collidal gel that solidifies to from a strong impermeable barrier that fully cures ov..
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Brand: NexoBio Model: Soft Dam Gingival Barrier
Light Cured Gingival Barrier (Curing time 20s)Soft Dam is passively adhesive methacrylate  -  based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whited. Sof - Dam is light reflecting to minimize heal and tissue senstivity during curing. Soft - Dam Green Colour is ensures..
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Brand: NexoBio Model: T Stat Retraction System
Paste Retraction System15% Aluminium Chloride Topical Gigival Retraction PasteHemostasis and Retraction T Stat, an alternative to a dental retraction to a dental retraction cord, is a viscous paste used for all procedures requiring gingival retraction including : impressions, seating of restora..
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Brand: NexoBio Model: Transcen Temp C and B LC
Light Cured Temporary Crown and Bridge resinTranscen Temp C&B LC is a new light-cured,single-component, sculptable composite resinfor temporary inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges. Each Transcen Temp C&B LC putty stickcontains enough material to fabricate approximately 60 average siz..
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Brand: NexoBio Model: Transeal F
Transeal F is a light-cured dental pit and fissure sealant desinged  for sealingpit and fissure of teeth. It has good characteristics of bonding strength abrasionresistance with added nano filler.It is cured to a natural white. Applied with our convenient ultra-fine syringe tip,its low vis..
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Brand: NexoBio Model: Trantemp Automix
Esthetic Temporization Material, Bis -  Acrylate - CompositeTranstemp is self curing esthetic material temporization materials for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays onlay and veneers. Transtemp is a incorporating propietary nano technology, auto mixed, cartridge, dispensed..
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