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ALUWAX dental wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum…to i..
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Beading Wax -26%
  Properties & Advantages: It is sticky enough to easily adapt at the periphery or edge..
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Blue Inlay Wax -26%
  INDICATION Blue inlay wax is used making patterns metallic restorations, inlays, crow..
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Carving Wax Blocks -26%
White Carving Wax Ideal wax blocks specially developed to provide dentistry and dental technician..
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Ceramic Seperator ( CERASEP ) used to seperate porcelain from model while build up. Works like Picos..
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  INDICATION Alginate based cold mold seal is used to keep the material separate from the..
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Indian Denture Suction Y-Dent  Prices for Single Piece. ..
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MDM Articulating Paper -26%
Articulating Papers MDM  - Articulating paper is soft, smooth, non-sticking surface super sensi..
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Orthodontic Wax -26%
  ORTHODONTIC WAX/ RELIEF WAX INDICATION: Ortho Wax OR Relief Wax is used to relieve the..
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INDICATION Its a unique blend of polishing and cleaning agents. Dental prophylaxis paste is for p..
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Sticky Wax -26%
  INDICATION: The Sticky Wax is used to hold or weld materials or pieces together. It can..
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  We offer Y-Dents Dentiro Active which are made up for natural gums. Our Y-Dents Dentiro Ac..
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We offer Y-Dents Dentiro which are made up for natural gums. Our Y-Dents Dentiro has excellent stick..
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Y Dent Impression Composition -26%
Y Dent Impression Composition Red color thermoplastic impression material in the form of round pl..
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Y Dent Modelling Wax -26%
Modeling Wax For Prosthetics Sheet of pink / red wax for modelling denture bases and acrylic saddle ..
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Y Dent Shellac Base Plate -26%
Shellac Base Plates High quality natural shellac base plates used as an intermediate in making pr..
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