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Drs Curing Light AT -11%
  Best Choice for Best Treatment   Dr's Light AT is a new conceptual curin..
Rs.14,500 Rs.12,880 Ex Tax: Rs.11,500
Drs Curing Light Clever -12%
  Incomparable Dual Wave Light Quality   Dr's Light AT is a new conceptual..
Rs.18,100 Rs.15,960 Ex Tax: Rs.14,250
Drs Finder Apex Locator -53%
  Features of Dr’s Finder Compact size Easy to use and move. Rechargeable bat..
Rs.27,500 Rs.12,880 Ex Tax: Rs.11,500
Drs Finder Neo Apex Locator -52%
  Description: Be Smart, Be Compact Dr's Finder NEO provide accurate with newest t..
Rs.40,600 Rs.19,454 Ex Tax: Rs.17,370
Traus-Cordless Endomotor --18%
  Description: Saeshin Cordless Traus Endo Features: Auto-OFF Function Power i..
Rs.36,200 Rs.42,784 Ex Tax: Rs.38,200