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B5 Ultrasonic Scaler -21%
  5 Scaling Tip Free Sealed Handpiece Work Steadily   Tech Info: A..
Rs.7,820 Rs.6,216 Ex Tax: Rs.5,550
C6 Ultrasonic Scaler -14%
  Automatic frequency tracking H2 Detachable H/P autoclaved under high temp. Model..
Rs.10,010 Rs.8,568 Ex Tax: Rs.7,650
C7 Ultrasonic Scaler -14%
  Built-in ultrasonic scaler for dental unit Compatible with variety of dental unit bra..
Rs.10,430 Rs.8,994 Ex Tax: Rs.8,030
C7-L Ultrasonic Scaler -17%
  Automatic frequency tracking, comfortable use High-quality spare parts Exquisite prod..
Rs.11,300 Rs.9,408 Ex Tax: Rs.8,400
P4 Ultrasonic Scaler -23%
  Detachable h/p can be autoclaved under the high temp. & pressure (135°C, 0.22Mp..
Rs.9,850 Rs.7,616 Ex Tax: Rs.6,800
P6 Ultrasonic Scaler -18%
  Scaling/Perio/Endo 5 Scaling & 1 E1 Tip Free Can be autoclaved under the high t..
Rs.11,000 Rs.8,994 Ex Tax: Rs.8,030