Heraeus Kulzer

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 DescriptionCharisma Classic is the very first composite to offer the second generation..
Rs.1,576 Ex Tax: Rs.1,407
 DescriptionThe nano-hybrid composite Charisma Diamond expands the boundaries of aesthe..
Rs.3,100 Ex Tax: Rs.2,768
 DescriptionCharisma Flow is the ideal flowable supplement to our microhybrid composite..
Rs.766 Ex Tax: Rs.684
 DescriptionCharisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restora..
Rs.3,145 Ex Tax: Rs.2,808
 DescriptionCharisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations..
Rs.886 Ex Tax: Rs.791
 DescriptionCharisma Smile shares the soft consistency and easy handling characteristic..
Rs.912 Ex Tax: Rs.814
 DescriptionThe patented chemistry of GLUMA Comfort Bond + Desensitizer combines the ex..
Rs.1,419 Ex Tax: Rs.1,267
 DescriptionFor over 20 years, one drop of GLUMA has been sufficient to reduce and prev..
Rs.2,155 Ex Tax: Rs.1,924
 DescriptionGLUMA Self Etch is the new 7th generation one-step, one-bottle nano adhesiv..
Rs.3,100 Ex Tax: Rs.2,768
 DescriptionMEMOSIL 2 is a transparent A-silicone for special indications. Its transpar..
Rs.9,635 Ex Tax: Rs.7,527
 DescriptionSolitaire 2 by Heraeus is a packable composite resin indicated for direct p..
Rs.1,671 Ex Tax: Rs.1,492
 DescriptionVariotime Bite is a scannable VPS bite registration material that features ..
Rs.2,500 Ex Tax: Rs.1,953