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  Product Description Medicept Dental Accucem is used for temporary cementing of Privisio..
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  DESCRIPTION: Accutemp is a Bis-acrylic composite 10:1, self curing, for high-quality sh..
Rs.4,478 Ex Tax: Rs.3,998
  DESCRIPTION: BioFill Consists of a powder and liquid that is a multipurpose periodon..
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  DESCRIPTION: The three-stage finishing and polishing system for composites Optimis..
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  Light Curing One Step Dentin enamel Bonding Adhesive PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A 5th ge..
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  Total-Etch Single Component Adhesive System PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BondPlus NT is 15..
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  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Simplified ultra-efficient bonding system based on proven ethanol/w..
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  DESCRIPTION The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple ..
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  Product Description Medicept Dental’s tissue conditioner material is powder and l..
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  Dual Cure Composite With Zirconium Dioxide for Core Build-Ups and Post Cementation &nbs..
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  Description: Self Posts are extremely advanced dental reconstruction systems. The cons..
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  DESCRIPTION: For Adhesion of Asilicon impression material to plastic and individual ..
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  Indication: individual tray technique for edentulous jaws and rebasing of a prothesis ..
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  Product Description Two-phase, one-step A-silicone impression system, for the one-st..
Rs.3,753 Ex Tax: Rs.3,181
  Product Description FLASH is a light cured resin based composite dental restorative ..
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  Product Description FLASH is a light cured resin based composite dental restorative ..
Rs.7,955 Ex Tax: Rs.7,103
  CHARACTERISTICS:  Works in continuous rotation  3 instruments to shape t..
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  FEATURES: Flow Plus Flowable Light Cure Composite Material is a highly polishable, 67% ..
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  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A Universal Glass Ionomer Liquid which can be used with glass ionom..
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  CLEAR HEMOSTATIC GEL DESCRIPTION: Proven 25% aluminum chloride formula rapidly elimi..
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  Product Description Viscous 20% ferric sulfate hemostatic gel containing binding and co..
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  Description: HYDROCAL is a Calcium Hydroxide based two paste system used as a liner in ..
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  Light Cure Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Liner Description: Hydrocal lc is a unique light..
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  FEATURES: Stimulates formation of dentine bridges Has strong bactericidal effect ..
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  DESCRIPTION: Implalute is a cement for superstructures on a resin base 4:1. Specially d..
Rs.3,180 Ex Tax: Rs.2,839
  Product Description High precision dental impression C-silicone, multi purpose, eg. for..
Rs.2,667 Ex Tax: Rs.2,260
  DESCRIPTION: Chemical Cure Composite Restorative Material is a highly filled, non stick..
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  FEATURES: Interdental Wedges have an anatomical optimal shape. The concave sides a..
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