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Carbon Brush Handpiece Strong 102L -21%
  RPM: 35,000 Weight: 200g Dimensions: L-152, L1-79, L2-73, D-27, D1-15 ..
Rs.5,440 Rs.4,300 Ex Tax: Rs.3,839
Carbon Brush Handpiece Strong 103L -22%
  RPM: 45,000 Weight: 238g Dimensions: L-155, L1-75, L2-80, D-29, D1-19 ..
Rs.13,780 Rs.10,800 Ex Tax: Rs.9,643
Carbon Brush Handpiece Strong 105L -22%
  RPM: 35,000 Weight: 190g Dimensions: L-153, L1-80, L2-73, D-29, D1-15 ..
Rs.5,660 Rs.4,420 Ex Tax: Rs.3,946
Carbon Brush Handpiece Strong 107 -22%
  RPM: 35,000 Weight: 232g Dimensions: L-159, L1-74, L2-85, D-28, D1-19 ..
Rs.10,140 Rs.7,900 Ex Tax: Rs.7,054
  More precise work is possible with the exclusive handpiece High Quality Precision in..
Price On Call Ex Tax: Price On Call
Lab Brush Motor Strong 204-102L -23%
  Basic model, Mini-Compact design, Less-Vibration Standard carbon brush motor RPM:..
Rs.6,890 Rs.5,290 Ex Tax: Rs.4,723
Lab Brush Motor Strong 206-103L -22%
  Double output system Non stage speed system with high torque RPM: max 45,000 rpm ..
Rs.29,000 Rs.22,700 Ex Tax: Rs.20,268
Lab Brush Motor Strong 207B/107 -22%
  Ergonomically Designed Excellent durability RPM: max 35,000 rpm Torque: 450 gf...
Rs.13,040 Rs.10,200 Ex Tax: Rs.9,107
Lab Brush Motor Strong 210-105L -27%
  Non stage speed system with high torque Unique design Handpiece Holder RPM: ma..
Rs.7,250 Rs.5,290 Ex Tax: Rs.4,723
              FEATURES: ·     ..
Rs.3,584 Ex Tax: Rs.3,200
    STRONG LAB MICROMOTOR  Speed upto 40,000 RPM  One spare carbon brush s..
Rs.6,573 Ex Tax: Rs.5,869