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Calcium hydroxide now available In points (for temporary treatment)

Ready and easy to use

HYGENIC Calcium Hydroxide Points are time release preparations, which release calcium hydroxide from a guttapercha matrix.


Calcium Hydroxide Points are made of 52 % calcium hydroxide, 42 % guttapercha, sodium chloride, surfactant and colouring agents.

Indications for use:

  •  for temporary filling of root canal with calcium hydroxide before permanent treatment is preformed 
  •  for emergency root canal treatment
  •  for treatment of root resorption 
  •  early childhood trauma


The point is ready for use, firm yet flexible for easy introduction into the root canal. Pure calcium hydroxide is homogeneously distributed throughout a guttapercha matrix. Sodium chloride and the surfactant improve the solubility of calcium hydroxide and the mobility of the ions. The points are ISO standard and light brown to prevent confusion with guttapercha points.

Release of hydroxide ions:

A drop of sterile water may be used together with the point for the initial release of ions. However, after inserting the point into the canal, sufficient fluid flows into the space between the point and the canal wall from the dentine tubules and apical area to activate the Ca(OH)2 even without additional water. The moisture is sufficient to cause dissociation of the ions from the point, so that an alkaline environment develops within the canal and the pH quickly rises above 12. The concentration of the Ca(OH)2 in the point ensures that sufficient Ca(OH)2 is always present in the canal.


After extirpation of the infected canal content and pulpal tissue the canal is carefully rinsed and dried. A Calcium Hydroxide Point corresponding to the last used root canal instrument, or one size smaller, should be used, so that the point sits passively in the canal without applying any condensation. The predetermined length should be marked on the point and it is applied down to the apex with tweezers. In oval or extremely conical canals extra, smaller points can be applied. Usually the access opening is large enough to fold in the excess length. This also facilitates removal later. Unless clinical judgement warrants otherwise, the access opening should be tightly sealed. The sealant (e.g. Glass ionomers) should ensure that no moisture can enter the treated canal from the oral cavity for the duration of the treatment.


Due to the low solubility of Ca(OH)2 only small amounts are released at one time. The surrounding fluid is quickly saturated. However as further moisture flows into the canal Ca(OH)2 is continuously released maintaining the elevated pH of above 12. It is recommended that the point is left in the canal for 1–3 weeks. Afterwards the point should be replaced or the canal be permanently filled. In certain clinical situations the point should be replaced at shorter intervals (after 3 days).

Removal of the HYGENIC Calcium Hydroxide Points:

The release of Ca(OH)2 does not affect the stability of the point and it can easily be removed even after several months. A Calcium Hydroxide Point can be removed in one piece with tweezers or an H-file.

Information on hygiene and storage:

  • single use only to prevent cross-contamination 
  • for dental use only 
  • store in a dry, cool place (not above 24 °C) 

Shelf life: 3 years

  • this medical device should not be used after the expiration date


Calcium Hydroxide Points cause irritation and burning if they come into contact with skin, mucous membranes or the eye. The affected area should be rinsed thoroughly with water. If a point is swallowed large quantities of milk should be drunk and if possible vomiting should be induced. Medical devices should be kept out of reach of children.

Packaging:  Pack of 60 assorted of each size #15 - #40

Made inSwitzerland
PackagingPack of 60 assorted of each size #15 - #40
Warranty / Guarantee100% Genuine product
Shipping Time2-3 Working Days
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