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Adper Easy One
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Adper Easy One
Adper Easy One Self-Etch Adhesive is a simple one component, one coat, self-etch adhesive solution, In addition to being fast and moisture tolerant, it offer- Strong and consistent bond performance, Virtually no post-operative sensitivity.Two main factors combine to give Adper™ Easy One Self-Etch Ad..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive
A fast, easy and convenient total-etch, single-component bonding agent offering exceptional bond strength. Available in convenient unit-dose or easy dispensing bottle.Excellent shear bond strength provides exceptional bonding performanceNanofiller is stable and will not settle out of dispersionCap s..
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Light Curing One Step Dentin enamel Bonding AdhesivePRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA 5th generation, single component, multi-use adhesive, which is hydrophilic and suitable for use on moist dentin (wet bonding technique).The adhesive incorporates aspects of primer and bonding resin in a single bottle designed t..
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Brand: MEDICEPT Model: Bond Plus NT
Total-Etch Single Component Adhesive SystemPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONBondPlus NT is 15% filled with 0.4 micron barium glass (also found in the Medicept Flash composite).This unique technology provides the highest level of protection against micro leakage, while sustaining high bond strengths to a variety o..
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Brand: MEDICEPT Model: Bond Plus SE
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONSimplified ultra-efficient bonding system based on proven ethanol/water solvent technologyBond Plus SE• Total etch, less technique sensitive• Ideal for wet or dry bonding • Reduced post-operative sensitivityFiller Loaded• Reduced micro-leakage• Reduced film thickness• Increased bo..
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Brand: DMG Model: Contax Intro Kit
Self-etching and self-conditioning adhesive systemIndications:Light-curing adhesive system for light-cured composites, compomers to be used on enamel and dentine. By adding the Contax-Activator the adhesive system can be used with all self-and dual-curing restorative materials, but still has to be l..
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Brand: DETAX Model: DETASEAL Tray Adhesive Rapid
For adhesion of addition curing impression materials to plastic, metal and individual trays, fast drying (approx. 1-2 min.).Colour: orange-transparentPackaging: 15ml..
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Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: ExciTE F
ExciTE F is a light-curing, fluoride releasing, single-component total-etch adhesive. It is used in the placement of direct restorations (composites, compomers) as well as in the adhesive luting of indirect restorations (all-ceramics, composites) involving light-curing. ExciTE F is available in the ..
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Brand: MEDICEPT Model: Extreme Adhesive
DESCRIPTION:For Adhesion of Asilicon impression material to plastic and individual trays, fast dryingCan be applied more easily and economically than conventional adhesives with watery, thin-flowing consistency.Very high adhesion.Color Orange: TransparentPACKAGING:15ml Bottle..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Primo Adhesive 15ml.
Grinding sleeves For smoothing and removing of uneven spots and for final finishing of permanent soft relining materials and silicones. Cutters & pre-polishers For optimal trimming of permanent soft, silicone based relinings. No smear effect during cutting, negligent heat development thus no sep..
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Brand: SDI Model: RIVA Bond LC
Adhesive for Direct Restorationstress free bonding =long lasting restorationRiva Bond LC is the next generation of adhesives.  No longer do you have to put up with significant stress at the margins due to your beautiful restorations shrinking. No other adhesive can have high bond strengths AND ..
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Brand: SDI Model: Stae Refill
Single component total etch adhesive.Stae is a fluoride releasing single component dentin/ enamel total etch adhesive system, designed for direct bonding.Stae completely and homogeneously infiltrates the hybrid layer to ensure superior bonding to the tooth.One bottle systemStae combines both primer ..
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