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Brand: DMG Model: LuxaPost
Perfect partner for LuxaCore: MonoblockDentine-like flexural modulus: reduced risk of root fractureRadiopaquePre-silanizedGentle on the tooth substance thanks to tapered formOne powerful drill for each size: No pre-drilling requiredHighly estheticGlass fiber reinforced composite post with a similar ..
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Brand: DMG Model: Luxatemp Automix Plus
Features and Benefits:Negligible linear shrinkage during polymerization •   Provides extremely accurate provisional with excellent marginal adaptation. •   Eliminates need to re-marginate. •   Provisional is easily removable.Minimal (same as body temperat..
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Brand: DMG Model: Luxatemp Star
"Luxatemp Star comes in the Name of Luxatemp Fluoroscence in India"Temporaries That Last Best* now made Better!INDICATION:Temporary crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, veneers and long-term temporaries.ADVANTAGES:Outstanding Flexural Strength, Break resistance and improved initial Hardness make L..
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Brand: DMG Model: MINIDAM
The DMG MiniDam(Non -Autoclable/One time use ONLY)  is a silicone-based gingival protection device that protects the proximal area during treatment - quickly, easily and most importantly, comfortably for the patient.  The DMG MiniDam's innovative design ensures that the site being treated ..
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Brand: DMG Model: Mix Star-eMotion
Fully automaticDelivery twice as fast as with the previous MixStar model3 selectable speeds2 timers for working and setting timesEasy to use and quick processingSuitable for foil bags and cartridgesHIGH-SPEED DESIGN. Fully automatic mixing with electronic perfectionMixing has never been easier,..
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Brand: DMG Model: O-BITE
Fresh HardnesO-Bite, DMG's self-mixing VPS bite registration material with a Share-A hardness of 93, provides perfectly fitting restorations without cumbersome grinding in of the occlusal height.Another advantage is the DMG-developed vinyl-silicone matrix, which, thanks to its uniform linking struct..
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Brand: DMG Model: Permacem 2.0
No Etching no bonding dentine & enamel cement for all indications except veneersINDICATIONS:The recently developed adhesive monomer formula provides natural adhesive strength of PermaCem 2.0 with Zirconia. Outstanding  adhesion on zirconia ceramics will certainly give you a sense of securit..
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Brand: DMG Model: Silagum
The VPS based Impression Material.INDICATION :Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressionsADVANTAGES :Silagum Putty -Easy dosageExcellent recovery after deformation Easy removal from mouthExpectional Kneadability Good dimensional stabilityEspecially suited for two-phase impres..
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Brand: DMG Model: Silagum Comfort Refill Kit
Description:The VPS based permanent soft relining material for Denture relining.Packaging: 50ml cartridge,10 ml bottle varnish & 5ml bottle of primer..
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Brand: DMG Model: Silagum Light Body
Silagum - LightGood hydrophilic propertiesFlowable viscosity Available as normal or fast setting materialProven correction material based on VPS.The use of Silagum-Light as the second phase of the correction technique or the double mixing technique ensures a precise impression of the marginal a..
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Description:Innovative single dose application form »SilvR dose«Easy, one-hand »push button« applicationHygienic handlingSecure application with constant qualityConvenient distribution within the dental practiceSuperior bonding properties (38 MPa)Exhibits antibacterial activitiesPackaging: 5ml..
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