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 Description:Tough hard and bubble free. Does not chip or flakes. Excellent poli..
Rs.123 Ex Tax: Rs.104
 Description:All season and multiutility. Carving without chipping.Shelf lif..
Rs.153 Ex Tax: Rs.130
 Description:Modelling of crowns and bridges. Creating inlays and onlays. Zero S..
Rs.186 Ex Tax: Rs.158
 Description:Used to hold or weld materials or pieces together. Used to connect or..
Rs.186 Ex Tax: Rs.158
 Description:Modelling of crowns and bridges. Creating inlays and onlays. Zero s..
Rs.186 Ex Tax: Rs.158
 Description:Prevents Cured acrylic resin denture from sticking to stone plaster cas..
Rs.48 Ex Tax: Rs.38
 Thickness0.25 mm.TypeGolden and Silver.Properties & Advantag..
Rs.1,500 Ex Tax: Rs.1,339
 Properties & AdvantagesAppx 98.9% pure. For temporary relief of localized den..
Rs.550 Ex Tax: Rs.491
 Die HardnerColorTransparent.Properties & AdvantagesIt produces..
Rs.1,067 Ex Tax: Rs.952
 ColorAssorted Silver / Golden.Properties & AdvantagesIt produces a..
Rs.400 Ex Tax: Rs.339
 ColorTransparent.Properties & AdvantagesIt produces a homogenous c..
Rs.400 Ex Tax: Rs.339
 Thickness0.25 mm.TypeGolden and Silver.Properties & Advantag..
Rs.1,500 Ex Tax: Rs.1,339
 ThicknessL 114 x 8 mm dia weighing appx. 6 gms.Properties & Advantages ..
Rs.130 Ex Tax: Rs.110
 Thickness160 x 45 x 1.5 mm.Properties & AdvantagesIt is soft and t..
Rs.150 Ex Tax: Rs.127
 Thickness6 mm x 6 mm x 250 mm appx.Properties & AdvantagesIt is st..
Rs.150 Ex Tax: Rs.127
 Thickness0.3 mm (± 0.05 mm)Properties & AdvantagesThin wax ..
Rs.150 Ex Tax: Rs.127
 INDICATIONAlginate based cold mold seal is used to keep the material separate from the..
Rs.32 Ex Tax: Rs.25
Blue Inlay Wax -5%
 INDICATION Blue inlay wax is used making patterns metallic restorations, inlays, crow..
Rs.168 Rs.160 Ex Tax: Rs.136
Beading Wax -5%
 Properties & Advantages: It is sticky enough to easily adapt at the periphery or edge..
Rs.105 Rs.100 Ex Tax: Rs.85
Alu Wax -26%
ALUWAX dental wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum…to i..
Rs.159 Rs.118 Ex Tax: Rs.100
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Carving Wax Blocks -26%
White Carving WaxIdeal wax blocks specially developed to provide dentistry and dental technician..
Rs.120 Rs.89 Ex Tax: Rs.75
Ceramic Seperator -17%
Ceramic Seperator ( CERASEP ) used to seperate porcelain from model while build up. Works like Picos..
Rs.354 Rs.295 Ex Tax: Rs.250