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GDC Marketing'to its apex where we acquired unblemished of reputaion as manufacturer of complete range Dental instruments, Surgical instruments, Manicure - Pedicure instruments & Scissors of allsorts as per standards set by international medical & surgical organization.We select only the finest material, the bestgrade of stainless steel, depending upon the type of instruments; various quality checks are made from theselection of the forging to the final approval by the quality control department. GDC has an advanced Research & Development Department, as well as specialists who understand how the instruments must perform in surgery. Each year, instruments are updated and redesigned where ever necessary, in cooperation with the expert opinion from all our worthy buyers and knowledgeeable customers, helping us to regularly revolutionize our products to the best of the ailing humanity.

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 Trauma Kit Kit Contains:- S.No Contents Qty ..
Rs.26,667 Ex Tax: Rs.23,810
  Oral Surgery Cheek / Tissue RetractorsMolt Small Mouth Gags 11cmUsed to ..
Rs.1,700 Ex Tax: Rs.1,518
Mouth Prop With Chain GDC -1%
 GDC Mouth Props#With ChainMouth Prop Set of 3 Pcs #Blue  ..
Rs.970 Rs.964 Ex Tax: Rs.861
Napkin Holder With Metal Chain GDC -1%
 GDC Napkin Holders#With Metal Chain  ..
Rs.400 Rs.398 Ex Tax: Rs.355
Napkin Holder GDC -1%
 GDC Napkin Holders#Plastic  ..
Rs.400 Rs.398 Ex Tax: Rs.355
X Ray Film Hangers For 14 Films GDC -1%
 GDC X-Ray Film HangersAFH14 For Forteen Film  ..
Rs.900 Rs.895 Ex Tax: Rs.799
X Ray Film Hangers For 10 Films GDC -1%
 GDC X-Ray Film HangersAFH10 For Ten Film  ..
Rs.800 Rs.795 Ex Tax: Rs.710
X Ray Film Hangers For 6 Films GDC -1%
 GDC X-Ray Film HangersAFH6 For Six Film  ..
Rs.700 Rs.696 Ex Tax: Rs.621
X Ray Film Hangers GDC -5%
 GDC X-Ray Film HangersAFH1 For Single Film  ..
Rs.157 Rs.149 Ex Tax: Rs.133
Sterilization Drum GDC -1%
 GDC Sterilization DrumsIMSSD  ..
Rs.3,000 Rs.2,982 Ex Tax: Rs.2,663
Instruments Tray With Lid GDC -1%
 GDC Instruments Tray With Lid  ..
Rs.1,600 Rs.1,590 Ex Tax: Rs.1,420
Endo Box Round GDC -1%
 GDC Endo Box RoundEndodontic Box Round with 64 holes ..
Rs.1,700 Rs.1,690 Ex Tax: Rs.1,509
Endo Box Premium GDC -1%
 GDC Endo Box PremiumEndodontic Box with 48 holes colour anodized ..
Rs.1,500 Rs.1,491 Ex Tax: Rs.1,331
Spirit Lamp GDC -1%
 GDC Spirit Lamp ..
Rs.950 Rs.944 Ex Tax: Rs.843
Endo Box GDC -1%
 GDC Endo BoxEndo Box with 72 holes ..
Rs.1,150 Rs.1,143 Ex Tax: Rs.1,021
Cotton Holder GDC -1%
 Cotton HolderGDC Cotton Holder ACH ..
Rs.950 Rs.944 Ex Tax: Rs.843
Offer Package Premium Set with Trolley -1%
 Offer Package Premium With TrolleyPackage Contains:-Tooth Forceps Premium with ..
Rs.49,352 Rs.49,056 Ex Tax: Rs.43,800
Offer Package Standard Set with Trolley -1%
 Offer Package Standard With TrolleyPackage Contains:-Tooth Froceps Standard Set..
Rs.25,900 Rs.25,745 Ex Tax: Rs.22,986
 PKT CarversPKT Carvers Standard S/5 Handle No #1 OR #3 Both are same in Size ..
Rs.980 Ex Tax: Rs.875
Gracey Curette Set -1%
 Gracey CurettesGracey Curettes Standard S/9Handle No #1 OR #3 Both are same in Siz..
Rs.1,980 Rs.1,968 Ex Tax: Rs.1,757
Manipal Scalers Set -1%
 Manipal ScalersManipal Scaler Set of 3 PcsHandle No #1 OR #3 Both are same in Size..
Rs.546 Rs.543 Ex Tax: Rs.485
Periotomes Set -1%
 PeriotomesPeriotomes Set of 3 Hollow Handle 5mm  ..
Rs.1,500 Rs.1,491 Ex Tax: Rs.1,331
RCT Spreaders Standard Set -1%
 RCT SpreadersRCT Spreader Standard S/6Handle No #1 OR #3 Both are same in Size and..
Rs.1,320 Rs.1,312 Ex Tax: Rs.1,172
RCT Plugger Standard Set -1%
 RCT PluggersRCT Plugger Standard S/6Handle No #1 OR #3 Both are same in Size and P..
Rs.1,320 Rs.1,312 Ex Tax: Rs.1,172
Filling Instruments Standard Set -1%
 Filling Instruments StandardFilling Instrument S/12 Standard ..
Rs.2,184 Rs.2,171 Ex Tax: Rs.1,938
PMT Set Premium -1%
 PMT SetsPMT Set Premium PMTP4 Handle no #4 ..
Rs.1,260 Rs.1,252 Ex Tax: Rs.1,118
PMT Set Standard -1%
 PMT SetsPMT Set Standard PMTS4 Handle no #1 OR #3 (Both are same in size and Price Ava..
Rs.644 Rs.640 Ex Tax: Rs.572
Oral Surgery Impaction Kit with Pouch -1%
 Oral Surgery Impaction KitOral Surgery Impaction Kit w Pouch ..
Rs.12,700 Rs.12,624 Ex Tax: Rs.11,271