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High Resolution, high performance, auto focus SONY CCD camera Reliable light source with six wh..
Rs.24,000 Ex Tax: Rs.22,857
LY-C240C Dual Color Wireless 5w LED Curing Light With Light Meter / Photometer Technology d..
Rs.3,360 Ex Tax: Rs.3,200
 X Ray Developing Box Unbreakable Quality (Bulb Included) ..
Rs.1,575 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
 VGT Ultrasonic Cleaner (12.8 Ltr. with Heating) Description:-External..
Rs.30,000 Ex Tax: Rs.28,571
 VGT Ultrasonic Cleaner (6 Ltr. with Heating) FEATURES:-External Drain..
Rs.17,000 Ex Tax: Rs.16,190
 Ultrasonic CleanerCD-4830 (3 Ltr. with Heating) Description:-Frequ..
Rs.6,300 Ex Tax: Rs.6,000
  Ultrasonic CleanerCD-4820 (2.5 Ltr. with Heating) Description:-..
Rs.6,300 Ex Tax: Rs.6,000
EASY Push Button Super Torque Ceramic Bearing Air Rotor           ..
Rs.2,100 Ex Tax: Rs.2,000
Apple Contra Angle -25%
Contra Angle Hand PieceSpecificationsLow Speed 22,000-27,000 rpm. The shank of the instrume..
Rs.2,100 Rs.1,575 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
Apple Straight Handpiece -25%
Straight Hand Piece  Type:Dental Handpiece APPLEColor: SilverSpeed ra..
Rs.2,100 Rs.1,575 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
Apple Push Button Ceramic Bearing Super Torque Air Rotor -32%
       Apple Push Button Ceramic Bearing Super Torque Air Rotor &n..
Rs.2,310 Rs.1,575 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
Push Button Ceramic Bearing Standard Head Air Rotor -25%
         Apple Push Button Standard Head Ceramic Bearing Air Rotor ..
Rs.2,100 Rs.1,575 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
Protect goggles provide 99.9% UV protection. Designed to fit over most prescription glasses while p..
Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.286
Mouth Mirror, Explorer , Tweezers, Patient Appron Non Woven Autoclavable upto 3 Times, Suction Tips,..
Rs.74 Ex Tax: Rs.70
Specifications :Size - 7.5 c.m.Sterlized Steam ProcessedSingle Use Disposable Air Rotor ..
Rs.210 Ex Tax: Rs.200
Plastic Kidney trays used for various medical and surgical purposes. Our deep drawn kidney shaped tr..
Rs.80 Ex Tax: Rs.80
 Latex free Mouth prop designed to help position the mouth open during dental procedures. T..
Rs.250 Ex Tax: Rs.238
M type Dental Cheek Retractor mouth opener. Large Size For dentists regulating mouth to make diagno..
Rs.179 Ex Tax: Rs.170
Features: Holds 1.5" cotton rolls Dispenses up to 3 rolls at a time Heavy duty no-skid base ..
Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.300
Mouth Mirror, Explorer , Tweezers are pre sterile. So according to ISO 17664 no need to sterile them..
Rs.32 Ex Tax: Rs.30
SpecificationsWrench chuck high speed handpiece dental air turbine  good quality A cla..
Rs.1,890 Ex Tax: Rs.1,800
SpecificationsWrench chuck high speed handpiece dental air turbine  good quality A cla..
Rs.1,575 Ex Tax: Rs.1,500
Gutta Cutter -50%
G.P. Cutter or Gutta Cutter to cut G.P. Points.Package Including:1 pc A-Blade Gutta Cutter + 4 P..
Rs.2,730 Rs.1,365 Ex Tax: Rs.1,300
Based on 2 reviews.
Imported Stainless Steel Wax knife -17%
Imported Stainless Steel Wax Knife for Dental Clinic and Laboratory Use. Same as that Shown in Image..
Rs.63 Rs.53 Ex Tax: Rs.50
Dental Vitality Pulp Tester Dental Equipment For Sale at online shopping store--lzident..
Rs.9,975 Ex Tax: Rs.9,500
Dental handpiece Straight handpieceType:Dental Handpiece ChineseColor: SilverS..
Rs.1,400 Ex Tax: Rs.1,400
35 Hole Aluminum Bur Block.Size:118*83*50mmHolds up to 35 burs Fully autoclavable (135)alu..
Rs.499 Ex Tax: Rs.475
                 FEATURES:·   ..
Rs.4,200 Ex Tax: Rs.4,000
Based on 2 reviews.