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Septodont products have been tested and approved by the relevant authorities in every country that they are marketed in, in line with the most demanding national and international standards. This means that a Septodont product has potentially undergone hundreds of registrations or certifications throughout the world – a clear sign of its quality and reliability.

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Septoject Disposable Needles Just Arrived
 Sterile single use dental needleINDICATIONSRoutine administration of dental loc..
Rs.600 Ex Tax: Rs.571
 FEATURES & BENEFITSAdheres to dentine, expands slightly during setting and hard..
Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.762
 INDICATIONSIndicated in prevention of Dental Caries Mainly indicated in children ..
Rs.1,000 Ex Tax: Rs.952
 INDICATIONSCavity lining, direct and indirect pulp cappingsFEATURES & BEN..
Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.762
 FEATURES & BENEFITSCombination of Fluoride and Calcium apatite in a biocompatib..
Rs.3,900 Ex Tax: Rs.3,714
 FEATURES & BENEFITSHelps to remove zinc-oxide eugenol-based root canal sealers...
Rs.1,000 Ex Tax: Rs.952
 INDICATIONSPermanent root canal sealerFEATURES & BENEFITSAdheres t..
Rs.4,800 Ex Tax: Rs.4,571
 INDICATIONS:Permanent root canal sealer.FEATURES & BENEFITS:Radiop..
Rs.2,700 Ex Tax: Rs.2,571
 INDICATIONSRoot canal disinfection.FEATURES & BENEFITSLow surface ..
Rs.2,400 Ex Tax: Rs.2,286
 INDICATION:Root canal disinfectionFEATURES & BENEFITS:Disinfect th..
Rs.2,800 Ex Tax: Rs.2,667
 INDICATIONSDental preparation degreasing Root canal dehydrationFEATURES &am..
Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.286
 INDICATIONSDevitalisation and mummification of deciduous teethFEATURES & ..
Rs.1,800 Ex Tax: Rs.1,714
 INDICATIONSRoot canal preparation. Instruments lubrication.FEATURES & B..
Rs.2,400 Ex Tax: Rs.2,286
 INDICATIONS:In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentine restorati..
Rs.5,800 Ex Tax: Rs.5,524
 Zincoxide Impression PasteNaturally hydrophilic Excellent wettability Fluid con..
Rs.495 Ex Tax: Rs.471
 INDICATIONSTreatment of dentinal hypersensitivity.FEATURES & BENEFITS..
Rs.2,400 Ex Tax: Rs.2,286
 INDICATIONSReplacement of bone loss following tooth extraction, intrabony defect tr..
Rs.6,400 Ex Tax: Rs.6,095
 INDICATIONSDisinfection of handpieces, contra-angles and turbinesFEATURES &am..
Rs.770 Ex Tax: Rs.733
 INDICATIONSCleaning and disinfection of bursFEATURES & BENEFITSBac..
Rs.5,600 Ex Tax: Rs.5,333
 INDICATIONSCleaning and disinfection for suction unitsFEATURES & BENEFITS..
Rs.8,000 Ex Tax: Rs.7,619
 INDICATIONSLocal haemostasis after dental surgical procedures.FEATURES & ..
Rs.2,800 Ex Tax: Rs.2,667
 INDICATIONSDry socket treatment.FEATURES & BENEFITSWith a fibrous ..
Rs.1,950 Ex Tax: Rs.1,857
 INDICATIONSRoutine administration of dental local anaestheticsFEATURES & ..
Rs.1,600 Ex Tax: Rs.1,524
 INDICATIONSLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesia (and chiropody procedures)...
Rs.1,500 Ex Tax: Rs.1,429
 INDICATIONSLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesia in patients of at least 4 years..
Rs.1,400 Ex Tax: Rs.1,333
Rs.1,800 Ex Tax: Rs.1,714
2% lidocaine with 1:80,000 epinephrine injection solution. FEATURES & BENEFITS..
Rs.1,499 Ex Tax: Rs.1,428