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DENTSPLY International Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dental and other consumable healthcare products. DENTSPLY broad global product platform helps dental professionals serve patients' oral health care for a lifetime, from preventive services to tooth replacement. DENTSPLY oral health products range from general dental consumables and laboratory products to products supporting the dental specialty markets of orthodontics, endodontics and implants.  Our powerful worldwide dental sales force takes our solutions to market around the globe. Now more than 2,800 members strong, our sales team keeps us close to the dental professionals who rely on our product solutions to serve their patients' complete oral health needs. DENTSPLY’s global consumable healthcare product team provides innovative urological and surgical solutions designed to improve the quality of life for users, caregivers, and practitioners. With a presence in more than 120 countries, patients and practitioners virtually everywhere in the world rely on DENTSPLY to deliver dental and healthcare solutions with a strong focus on quality, innovation, and service.

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 Description:The new metal Starloy N is the perfect supplement for other members of the..
Rs.8,350 Ex Tax: Rs.7,455
 Aquasil Ultra LV Smart Wetting® Regular Set is a quadrafunctional hydrophilic addit..
Rs.2,079 Ex Tax: Rs.1,762
Based on 1 reviews.
 For removing gutta percha and creating space for postThe Peeso reamers enlarge the ..
Rs.818 Ex Tax: Rs.730
Based on 1 reviews.
 Root canal sealing material of excellent sealing capacityAH 26 powder and resin are..
Rs.5,466 Ex Tax: Rs.4,880
 It is a quadrafunctional hydrophilic addition reaction silicon, light body, elastomeric..
Rs.2,159 Ex Tax: Rs.1,830
Based on 1 reviews.
 For easy cavity preparation and accessThe Cavity Access Set allows you to remove th..
Rs.4,648 Ex Tax: Rs.4,150
Based on 1 reviews.
 Quadrafuntional, hydrophilic A-silicone impression material with high tear strength and..
Rs.5,163 Ex Tax: Rs.4,375
Based on 1 reviews.
Rs.2,296 Ex Tax: Rs.2,050
Based on 1 reviews.
 ULTRASONIC TIPS FOR BROKEN FILES  The advantages of ProUltra tips: • Patent..
Rs.9,828 Ex Tax: Rs.8,775
Based on 1 reviews.
 WaveOne Gold paper points of same measurement similar to corresponding files for drying ca..
Rs.1,512 Ex Tax: Rs.1,350
Based on 1 reviews.
 Single Niti rotary file for shaping canalsThe Wave•One™ Endodontic syste..
Rs.4,536 Ex Tax: Rs.4,050
Based on 1 reviews.
 The Enhance® Composite Finishing & Polishing System is designed for use in the fin..
Rs.6,474 Ex Tax: Rs.5,780
Based on 1 reviews.
 The advantages of the Palodent® sectional matrices system include natural contours for..
Rs.3,360 Ex Tax: Rs.3,000
Based on 1 reviews.
 Propex Pixi is a device aimed at detecting the minor apical foramen based on analysis of e..
Rs.41,440 Ex Tax: Rs.37,000
Based on 1 reviews.
Poly F Powder 70g Out Of Stock
 Zinc Polycarboxylate CementAdvantages:Low Irritacy Adhesion to tooth Easy m..
Rs.3,388 Ex Tax: Rs.3,025
Based on 1 reviews.
 The X-Smart™ is an endodontic micro-motor, specifically designed to drive NiTi rotar..
Rs.58,667 Ex Tax: Rs.52,381
Based on 1 reviews.
Palodent 2 Bitine II Oval Rings Refill Out Of Stock
 The advantages of the Palodent® sectional matrices system include natural contours for..
Rs.2,318 Ex Tax: Rs.2,070
Based on 1 reviews.
Dentsply AquaCem 30gm Out Of Stock
 AquaCem® is a light-yellow, translucent glass-ionomer luting material consisting of..
Rs.3,237 Ex Tax: Rs.2,890
Based on 2 reviews.
 The advantages of the Palodent sectional matrices system include natural contours for bett..
Rs.1,876 Ex Tax: Rs.1,675
Based on 1 reviews.
 With over 25 years of proven clinical performance in millions of restorations, Dispersallo..
Rs.2,464 Ex Tax: Rs.2,200
Based on 1 reviews.
  Barricaid is a visible-light-cured periodontal wound dressing that gives the cli..
Rs.1,848 Ex Tax: Rs.1,650
Based on 1 reviews.
 Dentsply Original  Nitiflex K file 25mm. Flexi Files ..
Rs.949 Ex Tax: Rs.848
Based on 1 reviews.
 Start-X™ ultrasonic tips are a new, simple addition to the current DENTSPLY Mai..
Rs.10,136 Ex Tax: Rs.9,050
Based on 1 reviews.
 Lubricant for root canals Benefits include:. Reduces the risk of ins..
Rs.2,223 Ex Tax: Rs.1,985
Based on 1 reviews.
 An easy to use & safe solution to activate your irrigation. ONE FACTF..
Rs.54,880 Ex Tax: Rs.49,000
 Aquasil Ultra LV/XLV Smart Wetting® Regular Set and Fast Set is a quadrafunctiona..
Rs.4,000 Ex Tax: Rs.3,390
SDR Out Of Stock
 The revolutionary way to save you time, making posterior direct restorations less cumberso..
Rs.1,036 Ex Tax: Rs.925
CERAM X DUO+ Out Of Stock
 A Simple and Natural ChoiceCeram·X® is a light cured, radiopaque resto..
Rs.9,520 Ex Tax: Rs.8,500
Based on 1 reviews.