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GINGI BLOC - Gingival Protective Barrier Just Arrived -2%
 Features:Light curing gingival resin barrier, Blue Protects soft tissue/gums with..
Rs.300 Rs.295 Ex Tax: Rs.264
EZ – White - Carbamide Peroxide Bleach Gel Just Arrived -1%
 FeaturesViscous Formula Quick Whitening Fresh Mint FlavourPackaging: ..
Rs.375 Rs.370 Ex Tax: Rs.330
AQ Bond Just Arrived -2%
 Features 5th generation, light curing, hydrophillic single step bonding agent suitable fo..
Rs.950 Rs.935 Ex Tax: Rs.835
Compo Flo Just Arrived -2%
 FeaturesLow Shrinkage Highly Biocompatible High Flexural strength High Compre..
Rs.500 Rs.492 Ex Tax: Rs.439
Compomax Syringe Just Arrived -2%
 Features:Low shrinkage High flexural strength High compressive strength High ..
Rs.700 Rs.689 Ex Tax: Rs.615
Compomax Kit Just Arrived -2%
 Features:Low shrinkage High flexural strength High compressive strength High ..
Rs.2,950 Rs.2,903 Ex Tax: Rs.2,592
D-Tech Dental Etch -1%
 37% Phosphoric Acid Gel FeaturesSilica free,high quality ,non-drying ,..
Rs.275 Rs.271 Ex Tax: Rs.242
Cal-Plus Paste -2%
 Calcium Hydroxide Paste FeaturesFor pulp capping onlyCalcium hydrox..
Rs.160 Rs.157 Ex Tax: Rs.140
Root Prep -2%
 FeaturesOur Product Uses top quality imported ingredientsUltra fine particle size ..
Rs.250 Rs.246 Ex Tax: Rs.220
RCEZ EDTA Gel Out Of Stock
 EDTA GEL FeaturesActs as a chelating agent for dentin calciumMakes sh..
Rs.160 Ex Tax: Rs.143
Etching Gel -2%
 37% Phosphoric Acid Gel FeaturesSilica free,high quality ,non-drying ,med..
Rs.150 Rs.148 Ex Tax: Rs.132
GP-Solv Root Canal Filling Remover -2%
 Root Canal Filling Remover FeaturesDoes not contain chloroformRefresh..
Rs.300 Rs.295 Ex Tax: Rs.264
Iono-Coat Protective Varnish Coating -2%
 Protective Varnish Coating FeatureDoes not contain acetone or chloroform ..
Rs.300 Rs.295 Ex Tax: Rs.264
Iono-Prep Dentin Conditioner -2%
 Dentin Conditioner FeaturesMild- non irritantWashes off easilyCon..
Rs.200 Rs.197 Ex Tax: Rs.176
Iono-Set Universal Liquid -2%
 Universal Liquid FeaturesD-Tech Iono-set is a Universal liquid that can b..
Rs.350 Rs.344 Ex Tax: Rs.308
Cem Zinc Phosphate Cement -1%
 Zinc Phosphate Cement FeaturesTruly economical cementHigh final stre..
Rs.325 Rs.320 Ex Tax: Rs.286
Lute Glass Ionomer Luting Cement -1%
 Glass Ionomer Luting Cement FeaturesProvides excellent adhesion of prosth..
Rs.425 Rs.419 Ex Tax: Rs.374
Restore Glass Type II Restorative Cement -1%
 Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement FeaturesHumid-Stable glass ionomer resto..
Rs.425 Rs.419 Ex Tax: Rs.374
Restore Plus Condensable -2%
 High Strength Posterior RestorativeFeaturesGood translucencyGood aesthetics ..
Rs.1,050 Rs.1,033 Ex Tax: Rs.923