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ANGELUS obtained the ISO 9001:2000 and the CE Certifications. ISO means that the company is able to supply products and services that consistently satisfy quality parameters. CE, the official standard required by the European Community, allows a company to sell its products in Europe. The CE Mark guarantees high performance and is mandatory whenever a product is of public interest and demands special attention. It also means that a company and its products fulfill all criteria regarding health and safety and are in accordance with the laws and rules of the European Community.

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Porcelain Repair Kit -9%
 Indications:Conditioning of the ceramic veneers and glassfiber posts Surface prep..
Rs.3,100 Rs.2,813 Ex Tax: Rs.2,512
Pinjet Angelus -5%
 Endodontic Root Canal Polycarbonate Pinjet 50 pins ANGELUSEndodontic Root Canal Polyca..
Rs.700 Rs.667 Ex Tax: Rs.596
 INTERMEDIUM Precision guaranteedProduct descriptionCalibrating ruler for gut..
Rs.3,000 Ex Tax: Rs.2,679
 Angelus Provjet is used for making temporary crowns FeaturesUniversal ..
Rs.500 Ex Tax: Rs.446
 DENTAL Angelus HEVEA Rubber dam sheet based on natural latex 6"x6" In..
Rs.1,893 Ex Tax: Rs.1,690
Based on 1 reviews.
 Prefabricated polycarbonate structure for the construction of cast metal posts.Feature..
Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.714
Exacto Angelus Translucent Fiber Post -9%
 Exacto High light transmission and double taperProduct description Glass fiber int..
Rs.3,000 Rs.2,722 Ex Tax: Rs.2,430
Based on 1 reviews.
Angelus Silicone Stop -9%
 Description :-Angelus Sillicone Stops is a Stop fabricated with silicone For work..
Rs.500 Rs.454 Ex Tax: Rs.405
Based on 1 reviews.
MTA FILLAPEX 12gm Angelus -9%
MTA FILLAPEX 12gmsThe proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealerProduct des..
Rs.4,400 Rs.3,989 Ex Tax: Rs.3,562
Based on 1 reviews.
MTA Angelus 2 Dose Price in IndiaA super treatment for accidents and endodontic complications ..
Rs.2,600 Rs.2,352 Ex Tax: Rs.2,100
Based on 1 reviews.
SILANO -17% Out Of Stock
Silano Pre activated (ready to use)INDICATIONTreatment of internal surfaces of porcelain..
Rs.1,200 Rs.999 Ex Tax: Rs.892
MTA FILLAPEX 4gmsThe proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealerProduct desc..
Rs.2,650 Rs.2,374 Ex Tax: Rs.2,120
Based on 1 reviews.
MTA APPLICATORDesign and LightnessProduct descriptionInstrument to apply MTAInd..
Rs.4,400 Ex Tax: Rs.3,929
Reforpost Carbon Fibre Pack of 5 -9%
Reforpost Carbon Fiber PACK of 5 Retentive shapeINDICATIONSupport of restorations and pr..
Rs.1,500 Rs.1,361 Ex Tax: Rs.1,215
Stainless steel intraradicular posts IndicationSupport of restorations and pro..
Rs.2,250 Ex Tax: Rs.2,009
Based on 1 reviews.
Interlig Fibre Splint -9%
Braided glass fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin IndicationSpl..
Rs.3,750 Rs.3,405 Ex Tax: Rs.3,040
Based on 1 reviews.
Refropost Metalic -12%
Stainless steel intraradicular posts IndicationSupport of restorations and pro..
Rs.650 Rs.571 Ex Tax: Rs.510
Refropost Fibre Post -13%
Glass fiber parallel intraradicular post with conical tip IndicationSupport of..
Rs.2,200 Rs.1,915 Ex Tax: Rs.1,710
Based on 1 reviews.