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What is the Zahnsply Affiliate Programme?


Zahnsply Affiliate Programme is a referral program where you can earn referral fees by advertising our website and referring your users to us. You will earn a referral fee each time a user visits us through your affiliate referral link and makes a purchase.


How do I become a Zahnsply Affiliate?


Follow these simple steps to get onboard as our affiliate partner, and start earning:


Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 - Sign up as an affiliate by clicking on the affiliate link.

Step 3 - Choose any product/page URL from/of our website and add the following tracking parameters to it, e.g. To Refer Website : "add ?tracking=your unique affilate code" . It will look like this : To Refer a Product :  "add ?tracking=your unique affilate code" . It will look like this : tracking=56a9bc8adc2a2


Step 4 - Use this link to advertise and refer traffic to Zahnsply. If a user visits Zahnsply through this link and makes a purchase on our website, you will be credited with the referral fee/commission.


How much Commission I will Get?


New User -  2.5% 


Premium User - 5%


Platinum User - 7%


New User Affiliates will get 2.5% Comission of the referral. Once the Account Comission Reaches to Rs.2500 of the User, It will get converted to Premium Affilator and will get 5% comission. Platinum Affilator - Once the Account Comission Reaches to Rs.25000 the User will be categorized into Platinum User and will get 7%


Does the program have a joining fee?


There is no subscription fee involved in joining the Affiliate Program, or participating in other activities in it.


How does the Program Worked?


Once you register yourself with the Affiliate Program, you can start promoting Zahnsply website. All you need to do is hyperlink a text-link/banner/other promotional tool to your respective affiliate link, and post in your facebook group, whats app group. Each time your referral visitors click on that particular text link / banner, they will be redirected to our website. This is how you can directly refer traffic to our website through your affiliate links. Additionally, whenever users make a purchase through your affiliate link, your account will get credited with a referral fee / commission.


How do I contact the Affiliate Hub support team?


You can reach us directly through the portal, by clicking on the Contact Us tab on the top right corner of the portal. Simply key in your details and the issue that needs resolution. The Affiliate Programm support team will assist you at the earliest.


What is Affiliate ID?


An Affiliate ID is a unique tracking ID assigned to all new accounts, and is the primary tracking parameter used to identify affiliates. This ID is to be used by the Affiliate partner in all promotional links to identify whether a particular visitor has been referred to Zahnsply by him/her.


How Will I Receive My Payment or Commission? 


You will Get the Payment OR Commission by Cheque or by Bank Transfer.


 When will I receive my payments?


As per Zahnsply payment terms, if your bank details are correctly updated, any order tracked through your affiliate link will be validated at the end of the same month against the transaction recorded. The whole commission amount is then wired after a further period of 30 days. For instance:
Orders in the month of January will be validated in early February, and the final payments will be processed at the end of January / first week of February.


 How do I track the transactions made through my affiliate link?


You can track the conversions through your links from your affiliate account. Whenever a conversion is made through your referral link, it reflects in your affiliate portal within some time. You can get an overview of these conversions on the Home page, while their details can be viewed in the Affiliate section.