How to Clean Your Denture

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Teeth are an important part of our bodies and without them, even everyday tasks like chewing and speaking can become difficult. Thankfully, dentures can solve these problems while bringing back your perfect smile. It is as important to clean denture as of your Regular Teeth. As Cleaning of Denture leads to your Overall Oral Care as well having a great impact on your Health too. There are Some Points to Remember to Clean your Dentures.



1. Clean Them Daily to Avoid Plaque and Tartar Buildup


2. Use Denture Adhesive For better fit


3.Soak Dentures overnight in Denture Cleaning Solution


4.Place a Towel on Sink while cleaning to avoid damage from accidental Slip.


5. Remove Dentures before going to bed to avoid irritation and gum infection


6. Make Regular Dentist Appointments for cleaning and Inspection


7. Use ICPA's Replay Kit for comprehensive Denture Cleaning


1. Soak Your Denture in Hot Water as it will cause their shape to Change


2.Use Harsh or Abrasive Cleaner like beach, can damage the denture.


3. Use of Tooth Whitening Products on Dentures.


4. Use Tooth pick to remove struck Particles.


5. Try To adjust and Fix Dentures yourself


6.Let the dentures dry out. This cause them to loose their shape.


7.Don't Bend or damage the clasp or plastic part while handling your Denture



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