E-Commerce - A Revolution to Dentistry

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E-Commerce – A Revolution to Dentistry


E-Commerce is a biggest revolution to the business of dentistry and will change the current scenario of dentistry in next 2 years. As a Founder of “ZahnSply.com”, a business idea of e-commerce publishing products of each and every dental company related to Oral- health care under one roof came in effect in 2013. I have spent my last 5 year to studying technologies and learning about the trend and problem faced to dentist in dentistry. I have tried to understand how e-commerce can be a revolutionary force that helps to fulfil the growing demand for dental services with the demographic realities that exist. Do you know,  the rate of buying products online significantly increased almost 50% from the past 2 years and will be targeted around 80% in coming 2 years.


E-commerce certainly should involve the education, detailing of each and every products, product demonstration videos, one to one marketing, and information flow.  These all are the primary topics when discussing the opportunity for e-commerce in our lives. However, for the average dentist, raised a question, “How e-commerce can benefits me?” The Best Answer is “It saves time and Money” and “Authenticity of Product” which is perhaps no doubt a great reason.





In the past several months, there are lot of websites coming to aim the dentist providing the products at their door step without any hassles. These are categorized into content site ( to display product range and information about company ) and e-commerce websites (displaying products with cost and providing a solution to buy online) .

The Giant Companies are also taking part of dental e-commerce now like Amazon, Ebay, Tolexo and many more considering the value of market in coming 2 years.


E-commerce website, like ZahnSply.com are strictly focused on selling products with a detail knowledge about product handling and use with an ease to deliver at door step without any hassle. By Working with Manufacturer, distributors, dealers , Authenticated Gateways to secure the privacy and a reliable courier services , zahnsply offer a superior method for transaction process. E-commerce websites have the ability to offer increased profitability, convenience, information and services to the end users.





  1. Money and Time

E-commerce is offering dental products from various companies in competitive rates saving the time and money to doctors. The theory is that e-commerce websites can streamline the supply chain through better systems, less operational infrastructure, and less sales and marketing expenditure.   Being the lowest cost provider, e-commerce companies can gain a potential competitive advantage over traditional distributors, offering competitive prices that positively affect the customer’s bottom line. As per to competition in Dentistry, Cost saving is most important these days. Moreover, its time saving and easier than picking up a phone. Successful e-commerce companies do extensive user testing to ensure that target audience can quickly and easily use their websites. Most Clinics spends hours to order and following up the order and maintaining data and bills of different companies and vendor. Have You calculated how much time, money you can save it ordering online. ?? It will save  approx. 50% of Time and more than 50% of Money.

  1. Authenticity

Have you ever realized whether you are getting Authenticated product to which you are paying off? How can you challenge to Authenticity? Urge of Earning More, making people selfish these days.  There is also a trend of street hawkers in Dental industry, the person bought material from dealers and deliver to the dentist as per to their requirements. Sometimes, the products not sold on product expired time. Being Street Hawker, he doesn’t destroy or return the product to dealers, so he tamper the expiry to sell it. Most of the time, they took expire or duplicate material on lower rates and tamper the expiry to sell them on their original rates. E-commerce is an open transparent platform as they are tied up with manufacturers, distributors and authenticated dealers. So, Customer is getting the authenticated product and can challenge the company in case of duplicity. E-commerce also providing an Ease of returning the product if in case the customer is not satisfy with the product. As most Dentist even don’t know, every company is happy to take returns if the product is having problem , The problem should be specify on  dentist’s letterhead. So, be Sure to buy the Original product to which you are paying the original cost.

  1. Convenience


If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon.com, you understand the potential benefits of ordering online. Features such as ease of use, around the clock access, advanced search, capabilities, product reviews, personalization, order history and real time order tracking offer incredible convenience to the customer. In the near future, educational videos presentation for products and clinical procedures will be common place. At Zahnsply.com, we already start working to put the analyse data of product and complete information of product. Soon Related Videos will be there, so dentist can check the handling and can train the other staff too. Apart from Product Videos,  Zahnsply is also having a page with step by step guide displaying “How to Order” , which makes it as simple, that anyone can order without having much knowledge about Online shopping.


  1. Customer Service


Customer Service is the pillar of company, while most Internet companies are not known for their service, it is increasingly the difference between those internet companies that excel and those that fails. Apple is the most valuable company by market cap in the world and is approaching north of 200 billion in total revenue. With online sales surpassing 20 billion for the first time and growing to become more than 10% of revenue, Apple is poised to be a leader in e-Commerce for years to come. Although Apple only sells its own products, its market share and revenue is so strong that its e-Commerce sales will continue to be enormous. Dentistry is no different. The internet can offer up to the minute account information, order information and product information. It can provide an easy mechanism by which to return product and lastly It can add a friendly, personal , human interface, if needed.


How to Choose a Reliable E-Commerce Platform


In this crazy Internet world, it is good to know the fundamental still exist. The ideals of saving money, time adding convenience, giving personalized information, and offering incredible customer service are still at the heart of how people make purchasing decisions. But there are certain criteria that you as a dentist must have In order to realize the benefits of using the Internet and e-commerce technology.


  1. Privacy – Everyone need Privacy of his/her personalized information. Check before Ordering that Website is SSL Secured or not. SSL Secured websites are not easy to hack and keep your privacy at most priority.

  1. Product Range – Check whether its having all range of your products
  2. User Friendly –Website those are user friendly are more accessible than other websites.
  3. Mobile Friendly – 80% of users use mobile to shop products, so ensure that the website is mobile friendly too.
  4. Order History – Is order history is available in account so that user can make better decision and can check the inventory from purchased history??
  5. Returns – Is website is offering Return services if in case the product is not as per to satisfaction??
  6. Payment Options – Is Website is covering all the payment options  like debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI??
  7. Third Party Payment Gateway- This is the crucial part, as you are putting your sensitive information on website. So, be ensure that Payment gateway offered by website are SSL secured and Reputed.
  8. Cash on Delivery- Lots of people are not comfortable paying it online, so website should have a facility to pay at door step.
  9. Delivery Partners – Checking the delivery partners is also most important, as there are lot of chances of misplacing the parcels. Reputed Delivery Companies like Bluedart covers the insurance of your valuable products.


People must be educated continuously on the benefits of the internet and e-commerce to be used on a broad level in dentistry. These benefits will change the dentistry and hopefully dentistry meet the inevitable demands of the future and will create a revolution in dentistry.


Author :- Bharat Chhabra
Founder ZahnSply

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Good Blog. Nice way to describe the E-commerce things

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