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 Ti-Mol Alloy Rectangular Beta Titanium Wires  FeaturesIdeal combinat..
Rs.1,500 Ex Tax: Rs.1,429
 Beggs Bracket Curved FeaturesBeggs™ Bracket Curved for cuspids &..
Rs.750 Ex Tax: Rs.714
 Beggs Bracket Flat FeaturesFlat Begg’s bracket for centrals & l..
Rs.750 Ex Tax: Rs.714
 Lingual Cleats-Weldable  FeaturesLow-profile design with smooth hook..
Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.286
 Lingual Button-Weldable  FeaturesMetal injection Molded and designed..
Rs.300 Ex Tax: Rs.286
 Lingual Cleats-Bondable  FeaturesLow-profile design with smooth hook..
Rs.500 Ex Tax: Rs.476
 Ligature Wire 0.010  FeaturesAvailable in convenient spool of 50 gms..
Rs.200 Ex Tax: Rs.190
 Ligature Wire 0.009  FeaturesAvailable in convenient spool of 50 gms..
Rs.200 Ex Tax: Rs.190
 Wire Organizer & Dispenser FeaturesCan hold 14 different archwires. (..
Rs.2,000 Ex Tax: Rs.1,905
 Versa Hooks  FeaturesUniversal Hook : You don’t need to keep m..
Rs.1,000 Ex Tax: Rs.952
 Orthodontic Spooled Wire FeaturesExtremely resilient wires.Comparable..
Rs.650 Ex Tax: Rs.619
 Super Coated Stainless Steel Rectangular Archwires  FeaturesLat..
Rs.1,200 Ex Tax: Rs.1,143
 Super Coated NiTi Rectangular Aesthetic Archwires  Features ..
Rs.1,200 Ex Tax: Rs.1,143
 Super Coated NiTi Round Aesthetic Archwires  FeaturesLatest tec..
Rs.1,200 Ex Tax: Rs.1,143
 Silver Rhodium Coated NiTi Rectangular Archwires  FeaturesPreformed ..
Rs.275 Ex Tax: Rs.262
 Silver Rhodium Coated NiTi Round Archwires  FeaturesPreformed Coated..
Rs.275 Ex Tax: Rs.262
 Stainless Steel Rectangular Archwires  FeaturesSuperior smooth, brig..
Rs.195 Ex Tax: Rs.186
 Stainless Steel Round Archwires  FeaturesSuperior smooth, bright fin..
Rs.160 Ex Tax: Rs.152
 NiTi Closed Coil Spring FeaturesNi Ti close springs with loop ends are de..
Rs.550 Ex Tax: Rs.524
 NiTi Open Coil Spring FeaturesNi Ti super elastic open coil spring comes ..
Rs.350 Ex Tax: Rs.333
 Reverse Curve NiTi Rectangular Wires  FeaturesReverse Curve Toe in &..
Rs.700 Ex Tax: Rs.667
 Reverse Curve NiTi Round Wires  FeaturesReverse Curve Toe in  :..
Rs.575 Ex Tax: Rs.548
 Hant Heat Activated Wires  FeaturesNi-Ti wires need to demonstrates ..
Rs.650 Ex Tax: Rs.619
 Hant Heat Activated Wires  FeaturesNi-Ti wires need to demonstrates ..
Rs.500 Ex Tax: Rs.476
 NiTi SE Rectangular Arcwires FeaturesBright Finished ….. low frict..
Rs.325 Ex Tax: Rs.310
 NiTi SE Arcwires FeaturesBright Finished ….. low frictionPerma..
Rs.250 Ex Tax: Rs.238
 Elastomeric E Chain FeaturesUnique heat-curing process enables chain to l..
Rs.625 Ex Tax: Rs.595
 Intra Oral Elastics FeaturesColor coded strong elastic for intra oral use..
Rs.131 Ex Tax: Rs.125